What is Company Swag and How Can it Help You?

In the field of marketing and promotional products there are often terms you hear which you are not familiar with. One such term is Company Swag. If you are not in the promotional products industry then you have like not heard the term. It is not something that you would find in the common vernacular. Here we ask, what is company swag and how can it help you?

What is company swag?

The simple answer is that company swag items are promotional products that businesses use to promote their brand. These are normally given to employees, clients, and potential customers. The aim is to build brand recognition, encourage engagement, increase sales, and enter new markets.

When it comes to company swag there are almost endless choices, meaning that you can align your brand with the swag of your choice. This is something which marketers love about promotional products because it flexibility makes their work much easier.

Some popular swag items

Branded coffee mugs are some of the most popular promotional items in circulation today. Re-usable coffee cups are the fastest growing segment of this category. Many business owners consider re-usable coffee cups an ideal promotional product and for good reason.

With re-usable coffee cups companies aim to send the right message about saving the planet, as well as promoting sustainability. They find that it is crucial in this day and age that we move on with the times and join the fight against pollution. That is why they are an increasingly popular company swag item.

Lapel Pins

Another popular item is lapel pins that can be made in custom shapes and sizes with a clutch pin on the back. They can be printed in spot colours or full colour. The branding is protected by a glossy, hard resin finish.

Lapel pins are an inexpensive item which can be added to a gift pack or handed out as a reward. They are also a great item for fund raising and raising awareness. That is why you will see more and more custom lapel pins being utilised in the promotional products market.

Printed Tote Bags

This is probably the most popular company swag item at the moment. Printed Tote bags are an eco-friendly replacement for disposable plastic bags given that they can be re-used multiples times over. Single use plastic is one of the biggest problems facing our fragile environment today. They end up in land fill, they end up in our water ways and ultimately then end up in our food chain.

By using printed tote bags as a company sway item we can help the world break the reliance on plastic bags by only offering re-usable bags. By giving a swag recipient branded bag made from sustainable and bio-degradable materials we ensure that they won’t stay in the environment for centuries.

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