Tote Bags For Your Daily Shopping

As the only person in the household that goes shopping it is up to me to keep the supplier replenished. There would scantly be a thing in the house if it were not for me. Whether it be the general grocery shopping at the supermarket or the fruit, veg and other essentials at the deli, I am the only one that really puts any time and effort into keeping the household supplied. I shudder to think what would happen it I stopped. I reckon they would just eat sandwiched everyday. Being that I am the only one who does the shopping it is really important for me to have an adequate supply of tote bags. Sure I can use only of the boxes they have available at the deli when I go there, but then I just end up with more waste in the recycling bin. That is why I am stocked up with my trusting printed tote bags.

Say No Too Plastic Bags

It used to be that you would just grab some plastic bags when you went shopping. The person serving you would just put your stuff right in the bag and hand it to you. You would end up with a whole heap of bags at the end of each shopping trip. It was ok in a way because generally people reuse the bags as rubbish bags. The problem was when your acquisition of shopping bags far outreached your need for rubbish bags. Then you would be left with all these plastic bags in your cupboard that you just didn’t need. I guess some people would just throw them away.

Indeed a lot of people would buy rubbish bags separately so they probably had no choice but to throw out all the plastic bags anyway. I got annoyed with this years ago so I just started bringing my own bags anyway. I had a stash of tote bags in both cars so that they were handing anytime I needed them.

Custom Totes Bags A Great Giveaway

Luckily for me I had a whole heap of custom tote bags that I would pick up when I was overseas. When you go to the trade fairs they give away printed tote bags as you enter the show. These are so that you have somewhere to carry your catalogues that you collect at each stand that you visit. So every time I would go there, that is each day of the fair (they typically last 5 days), I would get a new bag. I slowly started collecting the printed tote bags and would bring them back home.

Suddenly I noticed that these printed tote bags were great for shopping so on each trip to the fairs I would bring more and more home. You can never have enough tote bags as they get damaged and lost, and then you have Gina who puts them God knows where so you have to always replenish your stock. Now each time I go (I haven’t been in a couple of years) I bring back a whole heap. So now I have heaps of these custom tote bags.

So Whats the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is that you should have your supply of tote bags. Thankfully they have stopped giving way free plastic bags at the super market. They haven’t stock at the deli but hopefully they will also cotton on to the need to do so soon. Sometimes even if you have tote bags in both cars you will still have someone like Gina who doesn’t take them with her and then keeps buying plastic bags for her shopping. For people like her there is no hope but for the rest of us we should all use tote bags.  Whether they are printed tote bags, custom tote bags or just regular tote bags, they are better than buying plastic bags which you then throw away anyway.