Promotional Water Bottle vs Promotional Bottled Water

When trying to come up with a marketing campaign sometime you come to a dilemma. Sometime the two products you are look at are so similar that you are at a loss which one to go with. Two such products which may lead to said dilemma are promotional water bottles versus promotional bottled water. Whilst they sound very similar they are in effect two different things. One comes with water the other is designed to carry water but you must add yourself.

With promotional bottled water the bottle already comes with water. All that is left for you to do is supply the logo you want applied to the bottle and to chose what size bottle you require. With bottled water the bottle already comes filled with water for you to hand out. This is particularly handy where you are at events where attendees require hydrating. So if you are holding an out door event or an event where food is being server or where there is not easy access to drinking water then providing bottled water is essential. And if you are already providing water then why not make it a branded water bottle so that your customers can remember you.

With promotional water bottles you are essentially giving your customer the bottle but without the water. Indeed your customer may choose to add something other then water like a soft drink or juice. Really all you are supplying is a container in which liquid for drink can be carries. Promotional water bottles are great to add to packs, such as sports packs and the like to complement other branded products such as promotional towels which are another great product. With water bottles or drink bottle you can print your logo making them a great promotional gift.

Which item is better for promotions?

So which product is better as a promotional product? It really depends on what your objective is. If you are looking at giving immediate relief from thirsty then bottled water might be the best choice. If on the other hand you are looking at a last effect then a re-usable promotional water bottle might be more your style. Indeed a water bottle has the benefit of being re-usable so the effect is more long lasting.

Whatever your choice give Brand Republic a call. We will always look after your branded products needs.

Promotional Bottled Water