Top 3 Promotional Merchandise For Outdoor Events

Top 3 Promotional Merchandise For Outdoor Events

As you build out your business, promoting your products or services can be challenging. But thanks to promotional merchandise, it becomes easier to engage your audience in a brand experience and create big impressions. You see them every day, everywhere by everyone. Find out the top 3 promotional merchandise for outdoor events.

When warmer weather hits, people go out for recreational activities and enjoy the sunshine. This is the best opportunity to promote your business during outdoor events.

Why Use Promotional Merchandise Anyway?

Why you should give serious consideration to including promotional merchandise as part of your marketing mix?

If you are involved in advertising, then branded promotional merchandise needs to be an essential part of your marketing mix. Savvy marketers allocate their promotional budget from the outset because they know they will get a better return than most other advertising media.

In fact, a large percentage of customers were more likely to purchase from a company that gave them a promotional product. This shows how effective promotional merchandise is as an advertising medium.

Best Promotional Merchandise For Outdoor Events

  1. Custom Esky

Eskies, generically refer to portable coolers or ice boxes, are a must to keep your food or drinks fresh during family picnics, weekend getaways and backyard barbies. This is also used by businesses that deliver dairy products and other products that need to stay cool.

Custom Esky comes in a variety of sizes which will fit both the customer and business needs. Your logo can be printed on the box, which gives brands maximum visibility.

  1. Bottled Water

Nothing beats spending the warm summer days with friends and family having an ice cold drink and enjoying each other’s company. Branded bottled water is perfect for this activity.

For brands with outdoor events, bottled water is on top of the giveaway list. One of the most important considerations is providing safe drinking water for the guests. Bottled water is pure, safe and refreshes your guests. Most importantly, when customized with your logo or message, they generate thousands of impressions for your brand.

  1. Promotional Caps

A cap is a head covering with numerous benefits. Promotional caps are not just great for protecting the user from the sunlight. It also helps to keep one warm in cold weather. Moreover, wearing promotional caps allows you to express your unique style.

Even better, custom caps are more popular than ever because it gives businesses the chance to showcase their brands. A branded cap makes thousands of impressions – thanks to their longevity and optimum brand exposure. That means more people see your cap with your logo, more than any other accessory.

In using promotional merchandise for your outdoor events, the key is preparation. Good campaigns deliver a better ROI and garner serious staying power. Make sure to give your prospects what they want, be on hand, be out and about, be refreshing, be stylish and work hard for your brand.

Use the above mentioned products in your marketing campaign or awareness drive for outdoor events. It’s a proven way to extend your reach and maximize the opportunity with your target audience.

Custom Esky