Increasing Brand Awareness with Promotional Calendars

Not lots of people acknowledge that calendars have held it’s place in use for hundreds of years. Archaeologists have continuously showed with data that prehistorical communities had ancient techniques to keep track of time, primarily for individual use. As the time passed and the 20th century has arrived, modern-day calendars were widely utilized for marketing functions. These days, a lot of people do not bother purchasing a calendar anymore learning that they will probably get one as part of an advertising campaign from a shop or business.

For optimum viewing, calendars are exhibited prominently in the workplaces or residence. It has been approximated that there is an average of two for each business as well as three calendars per home. Picture if one of those wall calendars features your brand. Calendars are also promotional products that are affordable yet still can give your brand a big exposure. You will make that less difficult for clients to attain you as your contact information is constantly in close range. Either you are increasing a preexisting program or starting up a newer calendar project you have the exact same goal of advertising. The calendars you decide will rise in significance to your customers and your business year in year out.

Each time somebody notes a holiday schedule or expands a deadline or looks at the date, promotional calendars provide brands further exposure. Almost every day they are made use of as reference points. To focus on quite specified audiences these can be perfectly customisable and economical. There are other advantages of calendars such as:

Calendars are general gift suggestions that can be made use of by all — Calendars can be utilized to aim any industry which makes sure that you do not have to devote a lot of time stressing about customer needs.

Calendars are cost-effective — A lot of calendars are around at a low price, making sure that you can buy thousands of them without impacting your marketing spending plan.

Calendars are presented in a wide range of models, colours, and shapes — Calendars are obtainable in numerous different sizes, colours, and can add a messaging of your option that will decorate desks or walls.

Calendars will be put to use instantly — The significant utility worth associated with calendars makes sure that they will be put to use right away.  Many of your customers are most likely to receive several calendars which they will make use of on desks and walls at both their home and office.

Calendars provide a big presence for 365 days — A displayed calendar will be seen not only by the owner but also a passerby which gives you with rapid as well as important exposure.  This will be helpful to your brand leap in advance of the competition.

Increasing brand awareness or recognition is the objective for businesses, big and small. Making your brand stay in the customers’ minds, both existing and prospective and stand out from the competitors. Becoming creative with your advertising is one of the strategies. Supporting to boost brand awareness for your small company promotional products such as promotional calendars are a straight forward tool. You are in a position to keep your small business on top of your mind by supplying an item that a customer can make use of in her or his daily life with your logo.

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It’s Never too Early to Start Planning

It’s never too early to start planning when it comes to promoting and marketing your business and there is no better way to do it than with a promotional calendar. Whether you decide to run a typical calendar year or a financial year calendar, this is a great way to promote your business to all your current and new customers and clients.


Branded calendars are great for all businesses no matter which industry you’re in. In a fast paced world that is increasingly relying on technology, there are benefits to stepping away from technology – and calendars are a great way to do it! Let’s face it, you can’t stick a digital calendar on the fridge to refer to when on the phone.


There’s evidence that a large number of people who receive promotional or branded merchandise remember that company for a number of months. Multiply that out by a calendar which is always in the eye on the fridge or on the desk, and clients and customers will remember your business for much longer.


Branded Calendars

Branded calendars are one of the most popular and most used items on an office desk – they are referred to multiple times on a daily basis. Calendars are versatile, which means you have plenty of options when choosing your promotional calendar.


The Monitor Calendar is a great choice when marketing to businesses – these calendars sit along the bottom of the computer monitor putting your brand right in front of a potential customer 5 days a week. At 32mm x 370mm, they’ll fit nicely along almost any monitor.


A Desk Calendar is also a great choice when you sell to other businesses. With two sizes available, these calendars come with the option of repositionable tape on the base so they can sit securely on a desk, counter top or monitor. Shipped flat, these are great to give out to your clients when you visit on sales calls or when they order from you.


The Magnetic Tab Calendar is perfect when marketing to residential properties. These calendars are also available in two different sizes with a 20mm x 40mm magnetic tab. With a great four colour print, you’ll be promoting your brand throughout the year.


With a good range of promotional calendars to choose from, this is one of the smartest and most cost effective ways to promote your brand throughout the year.