Printed Pens are a Great Promotional Gift

As much as we try to go digital there is one thing that seems to persist and it is the humble pen. Whilst most work is done online these days there is still and need to make notes and leave messages and the most practical way to do that is with a pen. It is no wonder that they are still such an integral part of the promotional products market. It is also why printed pens are a great promotional gift.

Printed pens – The gift that keeps on giving

They are a few products out there that when you need them the most you just can’t find them. It can be very frustrating especially when you find that you have left them in the place you least expected. Pens are one such product. Whenever you need one is seems you just can’t find one.

That is why giving away printed pens is such a valuable pursuit. People will always need one so finding one with your logo is sure to make their day. The brand cache that brings in invaluable. As such a practical item you can be sure it will be in use for a long time which is what makes it such a beautiful promotional product to give.

Spread you brands reach with promotional pens

When you give away a printed promotional pen you are not just giving a pen. You are also giving the recipient your logo. Wherever they go they will be taking you logo with them tucked away in theirĀ backpack or purse. So for a couple of bucks at the most you can have an item floating around being handed from person to person to be used. Every time it is used your logo will make its subliminal impact know therefore reinforcing your brands message.

Spreading your brands reach is the primary goal of handing out promotional products. If you are looking at doing such a thing then printed pens are the way to go. Indeed promotional pens are still one of the most sort after product in the promotional industry. The reason being that they are a very mobile item and therefore desirable.

Branded pen for every logo

One of the biggest barriers to picking a product sometimes is finding one with will suit your logo. It might be the size or even the material of the product which does it. With printed pens and promotional pens you don’t have that problem. Pens come in different shapes and size. There are also various material options so there is a suitable one for every logo. With different branding options you also have added choice. Branding options for promotional pens include:

  • Screen Print
  • Pad Print
  • Laser Engrave
  • Digital Print

Save marketing dollar with personalised pens

These days it is important to make sure you get good ROI with your marketing budget. With tougher times ahead and even tougher times behind us we need to make sure that we can stretch our budgets further. That is where personalised pens come in. As I mentioned previously for a couple of bucks you can really get you brand out there far and wide. This is something which is important when considering what products to purchase.

Whilst printed pens should probably not be the only tool in your chest they should definitely be one of them.Considering they are so inexpensive it is a no-brainer to include them in your promotional products lineup. Every marketing department needs a diverse approach to promoting a brand and business and including a mix or inexpensive items can really help.

Bundle them with other products

That is another consideration you should make. If you are going to have a diverse range of promotional products it is good to have items which can be bundled together. When you think promotional pens then one product which comes to mind is custom notebooks. Considering that you use pens to write stuff it only makes sense that you would bundle it with a product which can be written on.

Notebooks have always been a popular item and they will continue to be one way into the future. There are a lot of different kinds of note book so there is one for everyone. Just like pens then are a number of branding options so you are sure to find one to suit your branding guideline. You also have custom notebooks with a pen loop which even makes more sense to combine them together.

Brand Republic you printed pens specialists

If you are looking to use printed pens in your marketing then look no further than Brand Republic. With many years in the promotional products industry we have sufficient experience to help you find the product you need with the branding requirement to suit.

Custom notebooks