New Environmentally Friendly Balloons

Balloons are used for all types of occasions. They are used to enhance the ambience of a celebration and kids love them. Even corporations use printed balloons during events and functions. But do you know all the balloons are not safe for mother nature? Whilst they are fun to look at when the party is over the effects on the eco-system can be dire. With billions of balloon use annually across the world this could be a huge problem. Fortunately recent developments in balloon technology have seen them incorporate natural materials which pose less of a threat to the environment. Companies such as Brand Republic, a supplier of printed balloons, are investing heavily in manufacturing balloons from natural products such as latex.

Latex is a biodegradable, natural substance that breaks down both in sunlight and water. Exposure to sunlight quickens the process, but natural micro- organisms attack natural rubber, even in the dark. When we see balloons floating away in the sky we often wonder want happens to them when they eventually burst or deflate. If they are the plastic variety then they can stay in the environment for decades and can end up in water ways. With latex balloons this is thankfully not the case. The new balloons are inexpensive so the transition be easy. Most balloon suppliers are shifting to biodegradable latex balloons to help safeguard the health of our planet. Having fun doesn’t have to cost the world it seems.

It is not just the environment which is at stake here. Some balloons are so harmful, as they are made up of low-quality material, when a person blows the balloons it can be harmful to their health. Low-quality balloons often contain toxic chemicals that can affect a person’s health. Not a lot of people put a lot of thought into such a simple product. As with any product there can be difference between manufacturers and the processes they use. When people buy the right balloon it is not just for the health of the planet but their own as well. It is not just individuals that can be effected by the use of low quality balloons and corporations that use them in their promotions are starting to take notice.

Printed balloons are widely used in the promotional products industry. Companies use them to promote their brands. They are also used during events such as company picnics and other celebrations. In the new age of corporate responsibility companies are starting to realise that even the small things need to be taken into account when enforcing their eco-credentials. It is no surprise then that even the humble balloon has fallen under the spotlight. This is why they are forming partnerships with suppliers that are taking the initiative and transitioning to latex. Purveyors of branded merchandise know that image is everything when it comes to corporate identity so acting responsible is the only way to go.