What Would the World Look Like Without Hand Sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser is a liquid, foam or gel that is used to decrease presence or germs and viruses on peoples hands. Hand sanitisers are an alcohol base substances which is used now throughout the world to help combat the Wuhan corona virus. You will find hand sanitiser in almost every shop you go to these days. Every large store especially has a dispenser at the door to use when you go in. This is meant to be useful when handling products so that you don’t spread or catch the corona virus or even germs.

Unfortunately too many times when you go inside a store and stick you hands under the dispenser nothing comes out. The other day I walking into my local fruit shop and low and behold there was nothing in there. I found it a bit disappointing considering that people inside were handling fruit and vegetables. So without the hand sanitiser there was more of a possibility that there would be a spread of the virus. The worst thing is that it is not even that expensive especially considering how much money this joint makes.

Availability of hand sanitiser in stores

That is why it is such a great opportunity to give your customers promotional hand sanitiser. Considering how important it is to have it these days people should always have some on them. You never know when the urge will come to rub some on your hands so it is good to be ready. Judging by its availability it is best to be sure. Also even when it is available it is not always the case that the shop or location has an automatic dispenser. I notice that when you go to Bunnings they just have a bottle there to squeeze some on your hands. The bottle usually looks disgusting to me so I never use it. That is why I prefer to carry some myself. I find it strange that a multi-billion dollar organisation can’t afford or be bother to install automatic hand sanitiser dispensers at their store. Even the casino has them so you would think that they would also.

Things to remember when using hand sanitisers:

  1. Apply product to the palm of one hand.
  2. Rub hands together.
  3. Rub the product over all surfaces of hands and fingers until hands are dry.
  4. Frequently apply more to your hands as necessary.