Budget Branded Promotional Products

Great Budget Branded Promotional Products

With the pandemic slowly becoming history businesses are excited to get back in the thick of things and get their engines running. Everything from tourism to education and beyond is coming back online. That means there is a great opportunity to invest in marketing and reconnect with customers. To that end branded promotional products are an excellent choice to integrate into marketing campaigns. To stretch your dollar further budget branded promotional products are the way to go. Luckily there are some great choices available which would suit any occasion.

Trolley Tokens

Super markets are increasingly wary of the cost associated with the loss of shopping trolleys. Every year millions of dollars are spend to replace shopping trolleys which go missing or to simply track them down and bring back to the store. To minimise the cost they are increasingly integrating a coin deposit system when a $1 dollar or $2 dollar coin is used to unlock it. This has created an excellent opportunity to use branded shopping trolley tokens which are the same size of a coin and which can be attached to a key ring. They can be custom branded with a logo which makes them such perfect promotional products. The best thing about trolley tokens is that they are inexpensive so they will certainly stretch your budget further.

Branded Budget Travel Mugs

If you are looking at spending a bit more but still don’t want to break the budget then travel mugs are always a great option. There are heaps of models available so you are sure to find one that is suitable. The branding options which come with travel mugs also make them great branded promotional products. You have everything from screen print, pad print, digital print and laser engrave. So basically any look you are looking for can be achieved. Best of all travel mugs are a practical item which you know your customer will be using for a long time to come.

Try Some Printed Paper Bags

You can never go wrong with printed paper bags for sure. For budget paper bags you can go with unbleached paper and a single colour print. If you are looking to more of an impact there is the laminated full colour option. In any case they are a great option when promoting your brand. The other benefit is the eco credentials that come with them. Printed paper bags are an excellent substitute for plastic bags. So do yourself and the planet a favour and add them to your branded promotional products list.