4 Inexpensive Promotional Items to Engage Your Customers

When considering what kind of marketing campaign to run branded promotional products are amongst the most effective way to spread your brands reach. Not only are they popular for the people receiving them but also for marketing departments all over the world. Indeed there is not a serious corporation or organisation in existence that doesn’t use some kind of branded promotional products as a promotion. So here are 4 inexpensive promotional items to help you engage your customers.

Keep them safe with promotional hand sanitiser

Obviously the world we live in has change a lot in the last couple of years. Although promotional hand sanitiser was popular in the past it is now an ingrained product in the community. Companies are still keeping it handy for both staff and visitors so it makes sense to also personalise the product with your logo.

Promotional hand sanitiser is still very much an essential item and that presents a real branding opportunity. The fact that it comes in multiple sizes options makes for a very versatile product. You can even get them in small bottles with a carabiner which can be attached to a backpack for easy transport.

Web security made easy with webcam covers

If ever there was an item which every user of computers should have it is webcam covers. With all the hacking going on it is more important than ever to protect yourself. Whilst people rightly install security software on their computers often they neglect to think about the vulnerability of their webcam.

The hacking of webcams is a real issue. Who would have thought that it would happen but it can and it does. Custom branded webcam covers are a great way to offer your customers protection from such malicious practices. It is also a great way to raise awareness of the problem. For a couple of bucks you can really help people with their sense of security.

Something practical with promotional tote bags

If you are looking for something with a dual purpose then look no further than promotional tote bags. On the one hand they replace single use plastic bags which are just plain bad for the environment. On the other hand they are a practical reusable item which every person should have in their possession.

The think about promotional tote bags is they are offer an excellent printing option. There are very few products which have such a large print area. You can do both screen print and digital transfer print so there is limitless branding opportunity. For something that is so inexpensive it really is a great promotional item.

You can’t go wrong with promotional lanyards

If ever there was a product which should be in every marketing departments sights it is promotional lanyards. They are so cheap it absolutely makes no sense not to have them. For less than a couple of bucks you can have a branded item to hand out to the masses.

Promotional lanyards are not only great for conferences but for general usage as well. Every single staff member should have one for their security pass or keys. It is the kind of item that is essential and will be in use for a very long time.

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