4 Great Products For Shopping

If there is one thing we learned in the last couple of years it is that you can’t keep people away from the shops. Certainly there was a more to online shopping during the height of the pandemic but as soon as things calmed down people were back to doing what they love. Going shopping. Now that they are well and truly back into it with retail booming new opportunities for marketers are abound. Here are 4 great products for shopping to use in your next marketing campaign.

The thing about using shopping related products for your marketing is that they are very visual. When using business promotional products you want to make sure that as many people get to see them as possible. Indeed promotional products are a form of advertising so the point is too connect with as many people as possible. This fact greats amazing possibilities when trying to promote your business or products.

Trolley tokens are a great products for shopping promotions

Who hasn’t gone to the supermarket only to find that they don’t have a coin for the shopping trolley. Especially with budget supermarket people are finding that the trolley require a coins to get access. This is where trolley tokens come in. Trolley tokens are the ultimate shopping accessory as they convenience attach to a key ring and therefore your keys.

Promotional trolley tokens are made from durable metal and come attached to a key chain. Trolley tokens are the kind of promotional product that customer will clammer for. Living in an increasingly cashless society means we often having a coin for the trolley when going shopping. They are great for branding and can even come with a custom backing card.

Custom printed shopping bags to stand out in the crowd

When it comes to business promotional products targeted at the shopper there is nothing more logical than printed shopping bags. Now that post stores have removed single use bags there is more of a need than ever. Now that most local and state governments have banned plastic bags there is more use for printed shopping bags.

The great thing is that there are heaps of options available. Best of all they are all inexpensive so you know your marketing dollar with go further. For people using them in their store they even present an opportunity for increase revenue as a POS item.

Keep your customers dry whilst out shopping

It really has been raining lately in this country. The year 2022 is shaping up to be one of the wettest in living memory. So when going out and about it is not always easy to stay dry. Especially in a place like Melbourne were it can be sunny one moment and then pouring rain the next you want to have an umbrella on hand. That is when you will be happy to have one of those printed umbrellas that businesses hand out to promote their brands

Printed umbrellas are available in a number or sizes and colour options. With all the colour options you are sure to find one that suits your branding requirement. The different sizes available mean that you can find one for any event such as a golf day or anything else.

Online shopping isn’t completely gone!

when looking for 4 great products for shopping you can’t forget online. Whilst it might not be the first think that springs to mind when looking at shopping promotions there is one great promotional product you might want to consider. With all the security and privacy issues which come with internet usage webcam covers are an excellent idea.

Giving your customer a custom branded webcam cover with be a constant reminder of your business or brand. Indeed webcam covers occupy prime real estate on a users computer and as they say “location, location”. For such a small outlay your logo will take centre stage in most peoples lives.

Brand Republic can help you now

So if you are looking at running a shopping inspired promotional products campaign Brand Republic can help. Feel free to drop us a line or email and we will assist you in making the right choice. Let us show you how these 4 great products for shopping and other can help you brand shine.

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