4 Custom Mugs To Bring Joy To Your Office

Office Gift Ideas

When people think about corporate gift ideas they usually envisage give them out to customer. Although that is a major part of it an often neglected part of corporate gifts is the role that they can play in enhancing the office environment. Build brand loyal is the post important part of connecting to customers but it is also an opportunity to build staff loyalty as well. Promotional mugs can help in that respect. Here we showcase 4 custom mugs to bring joy to your office.

Promotional Mugs For The Office

Creative a positive vibe is such an important thing these day. With a few years of remote work it is sometimes hard to get staff back in the office. Even when you manage to entice them back it is not always easy to retain staff in this environment. That is why bringing some joy to the office is a smart move. Promotional mugs are just one of many things to can utilise to achieve that objective.

Promotional mugs come in all shaped and sizes. There is a mug out there for everyone. So it is not hard to find one which will suit your needs. To make things easier here are some of the more popular mugs that businesses like to use for branding purposes.

Some Popular Mugs For Branding

Can Mugs

Our Can Mugs are amongst the most popular promotional mugs we have on offer. They are an excellent quality mug which can be custom branded with your logo or message. The Can mug is a 300ml capacity solid colour mug which is available in a range of colours.

Solace Coffee Mug

If you are looking for something more unusual then you can go past the Solace Mug. The Solace Coffee Mug is a premium 450ml ceramic coffee mug with a unique round shape which is extremely comfortable to hold. Solace is presented in a natural gift box.

Nectar Coffee Mug

The same can be said about the Nectar Coffee Mug. The Nectar Coffee Mug is a premium 400ml ceramic coffee mug with a unique rounded modern shape and flat base which is extremely comfortable to hold. Nectar has a matte finish on the outside and a gloss finish on the inside.

Printed Coffee Cups

Another option is printed coffee cups. Coffee cups are a great idea if you want something with a more elegant look. A lot of offices, especially larger corporations, have quasi coffee lounges which are set up with comfort in mind. Also when you are serving guest to your office then printed coffee cups are a better look. They make for a personalised coffee drinking experience.

Other Custom Mugs to Consider

There are heaps of custom mugs options out there. There are almost too many to list here. In the area of corporate gift ideas there are many categories of custom mugs available. That said there is one more category you should consider and that is travel mugs.

There is a huge range of promotional travel mugs which are ideal for branding purpose. Whilst we have already showcased 4 custom mugs to bring joy to your office. It is worth mentioning promotional travel mugs. People do like to brand their own coffee to the office. Especially if they want something to drink on their way to work.