11 Aug, 2017

Promotional Merchandise for Children

Promotional Merchandise for Children – Everything You Need to Know

It can be quite challenging to look for promotional items for companies that cater to the children’s’ market segment. If you are a business that deals in product such as toys, clothes, shoes, sports goods or any other merchandise used by children , you know that the products and  your marketing strategy has to appeal to the children and the parents.

Modern day kids are very sure about the type of clothing and shoes they want and will wear and this has a significant influence on the purchase decisions their parents make. This is why when you are designing your marketing strategy or choosing promotional merchandise for your business, the products should be attractive enough to be appealing to the kids and of a quality that will impress the parents as well.

What we can do to help

We at Brand Republic, work very closely with our customers to understand what their ‘objectives and requirements are, and then provide promotional merchandise solutions that will be in sync with your overall marketing campaigns. Here are a few recommendations that you’ll find useful:

  1. Toys and small games

 This is one choice you can’t go wrong with, when your target market is kids. Children just love playing and would be thrilled with any games or toys you gift them. Small toys don’t have to be expensive and you need to find something interesting and which fits into your budget. The other aspects you need to keep in view is that the promotional merchandise you  choose should have some space where you can print your logo and other brand –related information. The different options you can choose from include:

  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Colourful springs
  • Classic Puzzle Games
  • Boomerangs
  • Mini Fans
  • Customized Sliding Tile Puzzles

These are simple promotional items that can keep young kids engaged for a longer period of time, which helps give your brand additional visibility.

  1. Stickers

 Most kids love stickers that they can use on books, toys, their room and other places. Opt for age-specific stickers in bright colours and fun designs that also fit in with your brand image. Make sure that these don’t overpower the print and design of your stickers. 

3. Plush Toys and Balloons

Plush toys are definitely appealing to young kids which make them ideal promotional merchandise. Kids rarely discard plush toys they own and if they really like something, will end up keeping them for a very long time and this proves to be an excellent return on investment for you.

  1. Balloons 

Balloons are another great option because they are attractive and visible and you can print your company logo and brand name very clearly on them. They are a good option because they’re affordable and can be handed out at events, fairs and conventions and will fit perfectly into your budget.

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Promotional Merchandise for Children

Promotional Merchandise for Children