Poppins Umbrella

Poppins Umbrella

The Poppins Umbrella is the perfect umbrella for when you are on the go. This compact and lightweight full size umbrella is perfect to leave in your car, handbag or backpack so that you are never caught in the rain again. These promotional umbrellas features a button on the handle to push up and release the umbrella upon use, a velcro strap to wrap out the exterior of the umbrella when it’s not in use and a wrist strap on the handle for convenience when out walking.

Product Features:

• Sturdy 8 rib structure
• Metal and fiberglass frame to ensure it is flexible and windproof.
• A Velcro tie, a woven hand strap and waterproof cloth cover.
• Smooth touch handle
• Lightweight and compact – 270mm in length when packed away

Product Details:

  • Dimensions:
    • Open: Diameter 950mm × L 540 mm (includes handle)
    • Closed: Diameter 55mm × L 270 mm (includes handle)
  • Packaging: plastic protective sleeve.
Red, Navy, Black