Coloured Pencils in Cardboard Tube

Printed Coloured Pencils in Cardboard Tube

Do you ever feel the need to do something completely different for your next marketing campaign to get your name out in front of potential customers? Well with the rise in colouring books for both adults and children, our promotional Coloured Pencils in Cardboard Tube are a great way to get what you do known.

With 12 half size assorted pencils encased in an unbleached cardboard tube with a transparent plastic top, these pencils even come with their own pencil sharpener. These tubes come in four different colours – natural and blue, natural and clear, natural and green and natural and red. Here are two possible print areas with the base tube allowing a 25mm x 40mm print and a four colour print label allowing a 45mm diameter print.

Kids will love these custom printed pencils

These pencil sets look great and are a fantastic way to get your name out in front of new customers. Combine these branded pencils with some of our stationery items and you have a great promotional tool kit.

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