Custom Shaped Mouse Mats

Our custom shaped mouse mats can be done in almost any shape within the size limit. We have four different options to suit your requirements. For advice or mockups please feel free to contact us.

Ecomats – 3mm Thick rubber sponge base with hardtop PVC surface, light weight, yet solid feel – Size to be within 235 x 190mm (MM03EA)

Gripper Mats – 0.23mm Thick, with removable adhesive backing and hardtop PVC surface – Size to be within 235 x 190mm – Sleek, and modern, ideal for mail-outs (MM02GC)

UltraMat -1mm Natural Rubber backing with hardtop PVC surface – Solid, robust feel, yet sleek in design – Size to be within 235 x 190mm (MM01UC)

Executive Mats– 3mm Natural Rubber backing with hardtop PVC surface – Sturdy and solid – Size to be within 235 x 190mm (MM03PC)

Custom Blade Extra Charge.