• Valet Handy Hook Key Holder

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    Valet Handy Hook Key Holder


Promotional Key Holders

Have you ever thought about promotional key holders? Yes, it’s just an organizer, but have you ever thought how people keep their keys? When we get home, we simply throw our keys to the nearest table or a catchall tray. And if you think about it further, it’s visual clutter, and keys have a tendency to get lost among all the other clutter.

A Thought To Ponder On

When we reach our homes, or even our offices, we like to have that sense of calmness. And one way of achieving this is to minimize the clutter in our living and work areas. A disorganized room likewise leads to an inability to focus. There’s too much visual stimuli, and it sends a signal to our brains that work is not done.

Here’s a Suggestion

One way to minimize the clutter is through our promotional key holders. The Valet Handy Hook Key Holder comes in a refreshing and clean color of white, which conveys calmness and simplicity. It will also blend into the background and won’t add to the visual clutter.

But if you want to infuse a bit of fun, the key holders pop out in bright colors of the rainbow. This also helps to identify the keys you need to grab, especially when you are in a hurry. When not in use, the holder folds back and is hidden.

Interested in our promotional key holders for your giveaways? Let’s talk. At Brand Republic, we have a wide and growing selection of promotional items, and we will work with you to meet your marketing objectives.