15 Dec, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions about Promotional Products

Business owners invest in promotional products because they want to gain more visibility and draw more prospective customers to their brand. This is a tried and tested marketing technique that has proven to work in these modern times of digital marketing. At Brand Republic, we have noticed that most of our customers have some concerns regarding promotional products. Here’s a brief look at some of the frequently asked questions and concerns. If you have questions about promotional products then keep on reading.

  1. Do promotional products still have an impact?

All studies show that promotional products still have an impact on the target audience. People usually don’t use or wear promotional products if they don’t support the brand offering it. This sends the right message to new prospective customers, which is exactly the purpose of the promotional item. If you plan and execute the promotional campaign well, you’ll see several benefits.

  1. What is the best promotional product?

There’s no one size fits all here because some promotional products might not fit in well with the message and branding of your company. It’s important to consider how well the items fit in with your business, products, marketing campaigns, and services before making a choice. What suits a coffee shop might not suit a cosmetics business.

  1. Does the placement and design of the logo matter?

What about your logo!

The placement of the logo or company name should be visible without being disruptive. If the logo or company name ruins the design of the promotional product, people will be less inclined to use it and that will have an impact on your campaign’s success.

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“I’ve got questions about promotional products!”

Questions about Promotional Products