Best Branded Products For Christmas

Branded Products For Christmas

If you have been told by someone that they can’t believe it is Christmas already then let me say it. “I can’t believe it is Christmas already”. This year more than any other seems to have passed by so quickly. It is so strange considering that most of us spent the year locked up indoors. So after months and months in lock down we are finally free and just in time for Christmas. What better way to reconnect with our lives and our customers than with branded products. Check out the best branded products for Christmas.

Custom Tote Bags For Christmas

People love to go shopping and they need bags to bring those goodies home. So giving the people dearest to you custom tote bags is a great way to show you care. Nothing is better than giving a branded product which will be in use this festive season. That custom tote bag will be doing miles out there and be seen by all. So not only will your gift be much appreciated, it will also be spreading the word. Even better you can bundle the custom tote bags with other items giving it some extra meaning.

Promotional Pens For Christmas

Just because you are in the gift giving mood doesn’t mean you need to break the budget. There are plenty of items you can bundle to give your gifts more meaning. One such item is the humble promotional pen. Including promotional pens is not only inexpensive but practical. You know most promotional pens are in use for 7 years after you have given them away. That is a long time for your branded product to be in circulation. What’s more it is practical also which gives it that extra value. So why not include promotional pens in your Christmas gift hampers.

Branded Mugs for Christmas

As with most popular promotional products you really can’t go wrong with branded mugs this Christmas. Whilst we don’t really indulge in eggnog and other similar drinks like other countries in the Northern Hemisphere, we still gave a lot of use for a coffee mug. Branded mugs are also one of the products which are cost effective yet practical. The fact that there are some many styles to choose from doesn’t hurst. Branded mugs this Christmas are an excellent ideal which you should really consider.

Let’s Celebrate With Printed Balloons

Seeings the theme of this years Christmas is cost effectiveness nothing is more so than  printed balloons that’s for sure. Indeed it would not even be a celebration with out them. Printed balloons are beloved by both young and old. You don’t just have the option of printing your logo on them. You can print whatever message you want. Just be sure to have heaps of them because they are cheap and so much fun.

So long story short. Have a Merry, Merry Christmas friends!

Get Your Brand Products Before Christmas

Printed Balloons The Perfect Branded Products

The Perfect Branded Products

When you think about it printed balloons are the perfect branded products. The a cheap and easy. Best of all they are biodegradable latex. Balloons are used on all types of occasions. These are the part of decoration that enhances the ambient of the venue. Indeed they have been a mainstay of events for years now. Apart from their domestic application they have been used in the commercial field for years now. I guess that goes to explain why they are so popular still.

But do you know all the balloons are not safe for our mother nature? To save you from buying bad quality balloons, buy environmentally friendly balloons from Brand Republic. Brand Republic is a company that promotes and sells promotional products for businesses. At Brand Republic we sells top-quality promotional products to the businesses of Australia at affordable rates. Our printed balloons are second too none and you can be sure they will not hurt the environment. The printed balloons that we sell are made from latex which is a biodegradable material and naturally produced so you know it is good.

Large Range or Styles Available

You will see a wide range of balloons in different patterns and styles. These balloons sell out very fast and if you see them available then you should buy them immediately. Some balloons are so harmful as they are made up of low-quality material. And when a person blows the balloons, it can be harmful to your health. Low-quality balloons contain bad odor and harmful chemicals that can affect any person’s health.

Many people prefer buying printed balloons because they look good at festivals and other occasions. You can see a lot of designs in balloons such as for kids there are many cartoon balloons, for romantic couples they have heart shape balloons and for funerals they have white balloons. Balloons as per every occasion are available on their website. Not only balloons but the Brand Republic sells all types of products for businesses and individuals in a very wide range. We sell branded products for businesses which target all demographics including men, women, and children. We also provide many offers and sales on products for business so that everyone gets the chance to promote their products or services.

Balloons as Branded Merchandise

We sell branded merchandise and provide complete customisation of products. Customised products such as printed balloons are an excellent source of staff and customer satisfaction. As well as balloons there are many other options available such as mugs, t-shirts and other accessories. So if you are looking at promoting your brand give us a call today.

What it Takes to be a Great Branded Products Supplier

Being a Great Branded Products Supplier

When it comes to promoting a brand, product, or service, there is a tried and tested way to go. One of the most common techniques is to utilise branded products and personalised merchandise. People love getting free merchandise with their purchase or anything else. So, companies follow this strategy knowing that they will get the result they need. To get on track you first need to know what it takes to be a great branded products supplier. Only a great supplier will give you the great results you deserve.

If you also need such merchandises to promote your product, brand, or service, then you must check out the offerings and services from the Brand Republic. Brand Republic has been helping several businesses with numerous customisable branded products that they can use as promotional merchandise. With the help of promotional merchandise from Brand Republic, many businesses enhance their brand recognition. As a company that cares for your needs and understands the products you brand is in good hands.

Branded Products Supplier With Know-how

Brand Republic has a lot of products to offer for your next promotional campaign. There is the always great option of reusuable coffee cups. Apart from that you have balloons, bags, apparel, badges, desk accessories, car accessories, drinkware, Christmas gifts, hampers & custom stationery. You can print your logos, product names, or company motto for promotional purposes on these items. With the help of Brand Republic, you can also get your promotional products customised according to your needs. You can choose colours, combinations, and slogans over your promotional merchandise and apparel from Brand Republic.

Branded Custom Tote Bags

One of the best ways to promote your business is to use custom tote bags. These bags are reusable so they can be very beneficial for your business branding goals. Whenever a person walks with a tote bag with your business’ name and slogan printed over a bag, it will help you to attract more and more attention for your brand.

Custom tote bags are just one example of the myriad of opportunities branded products can create for your brand so give us a call.

7 Powerful Reasons Branded Products Are Crucial For Small Business

Branded Products For Small Business

As a small business sometimes budgets can be limited. For that reason people are reluctant to put money into their marketing. One thing you should remember is that successful companies use marketing to grow their businesses for a reason. It is because it works. The same can be said about branded products which are an excellent way to grow you brands recognition.  As a small business, one way to build our brand and increase awareness of our business is to purchase selected branded products.


Here are 7 powerful reasons why it is crucial for your business:


  1. Branding = Identity


A business’ brand is your identity, and this carries on to all the marketing collaterals such as calling cards, brochures, even uniforms and lanyards. As a business you want to convey who you are, and what you do well.  A brand is what connects the business to your customers emotionally.


  1. Raises the Status


Branded products contribute to the image that you want your business to project, and it raises the status for your customers. This drives maximum impact. Every little thing counts to raise customer experience. A tastefully made desk calendar given away to customers at the end of the year will elevate your brand profile and enhances traction for brand awareness.


  1. Build Brand Recognition


A June 2015 study by Nielsen, stated that sources for product awareness is shifting from paid media such as TV and magazine ads, and moving towards owned media, which branded products belong to.  Small businesses, especially, with minimal advertising budgets, can take full advantage of this.


Giving away freebies at an event with your target market in attendance is a cost-effective means to tap into a potential customer base.


  1. Top of Mind


Small businesses use multiple marketing strategies to become top of mind for its target market. Social media is particularly popular to engage with the customers, but offering branded products is one way to drive customers to your website or to call your business.


  1. Build Loyalty


According to an article on, a carefully chosen set of branded products can transform your brand to “tangible items that your customers can touch, feel and experience. Giving them a taste of the brand that you created, and ties the experience of your brand to their everyday lives.”


For instance, a tote bag that can be used for shopping at the market or to carry various odds and ends is a good way to become part of their daily lives.


  1. Adds Value to Marketing Effort


This approach increases brand visibility and recognition at a minimal cost to you. Giving away a freebie such as a pen for answering a customer satisfaction survey is a cheap, yet, effective way to get your business out in the open.


  1. Creative Expression to Get Known


This is one way to show a bit of your brand’s personality that will endear you to your customers, and another way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.  Selecting the promotional products for your customers is easily a personal choice and, this is how you inject your brand’s personality.


Giving your customers practical, fun and memorable products will reinforce the experience they have with your business.  For instance, keychains are practical and used in everyday life, which is a good way to get your brand into a part of your customer’s daily life.


Parting Reminder


Having said this, when you decide on getting branded products to market your business, make sure that the products are relevant to your business and chosen with your target customers in mind. Keep in mind also the practicality of the product because it will mean that the customer will most likely use it often, and will likely remember your brand, motivating them to support your business even more.

If you are looking at using branded products to promote your business whether it is big or small give Brand Republic a call. We are always happy to help.

Small Business




Great Reasons to Use Custom Totes Bags

Custom Tote Bags

There are Great Reasons to Use Custom Totes Bags in your marketing. Heaps of businesses are starting to realise that custom branded tote bags are not just a convenience for your customers but fantastic branded products. Whether you are looking at having them as a POS item, a give away or simple as a way to pack products your customer has purchased you simply can’t go wrong. Read on to find out more about the possibilities and benefits of custom tote bags.

Promotional Tote Bags For Your Business

One of their earliest uses was as promotional totes bags. For years now companies have been using them at trade fairs and conferences as an inexpensive way of promoting their brand. Usually when you are exhibiting at a fair or conference you have marketing material which you want to hand to potential customers. It made a lot of sense and still does to give that material in a bag branded with the company’s logo. Promotional tote bags have been a mainstay of the promotional industry for years. They were initially embraced by the trade fair and conference industries but have spread far beyond in recent years.

Printed Paper Bags All The Rage!

You would have notice that recently printed paper bags have taken off big time. With the proliferation of food delivery services there is huge need for bags to deliver the products. Obviously plastic bags are out of favour so it has fallen on the humble paper bags to take centre stage. This has given businesses an excellent opportunity to promote their brand by using printed paper bags. In that way they are achieving two objectives with one product. Creating a biodegradable vessel with which to delivery their delicious food whilst also spreading their brand identity. Bravo!

So if you want to discover the way custom branded tote bags can help your business then give Brand Republic a call. We are experts when it comes to Branded Products. Our friendly and knowledgable staff are always happy to help.

Great Reasons to Use Custom Totes Bags

Custom Tote Bags

Printed Balloons Great Branded Products

Printed Balloons Great Branded Products For Any Event

With all the time constraints and restraints on spending sometimes it is difficult to find the right branded products to use for your events. There are many options available which is of great benefit. If you are looking for a cheap and effective item for your next event then look no further than printed balloons. Printed balloons are a cheap and effective product which will enhance any event. So when I say “Printed Balloons Great Branded Products” I really mean it. They are indeed an essential addition to any marketing event.

Visible Branded Product

The greatest thing about printed balloons is their visibility. Whether you are displaying jumbo balloons for all to see or handing out the standard variety you can bet your logo will be seen. The best thing is that they are loved by young and old alike. So f you are trying to appeal to a large demographic they are great. In any case you can’t go wrong with printed balloons.

Branded Products For You Next Event

If you are looking at hosting an event and require branded products look no further. Brand Republic are experts when it comes to all things branded. Our abilities mean that you will get the product you need with the look to match. Our extensive range means you have all the options in the world. It is sourced from both local and off-shore suppliers which makes us so string in the field.

If you are planning your next event give us a call. Our friendly staff are always happy to help!

Great Post-Lockdown Branded Products

Post-Lockdown Branded Products

With more than 80% of the population vaccinated we are finally seeing restrictions lift which should lead to a more normal life. People are finally able to get out and go places. With restrictions on movement lifted you can finally go to your favourite locations without fear. Whilst that is great for the population it is also lifeline for businesses. Whilst the general population has been forced to stay at home it has had a huge impact on the businesses that service them. Now that it is over they can reconnect and post-lockdown branded products will place an outsized role in doing just that.

Cheap Ways To Reconnect using branded products

Promoting your business does not need to be an expensive exercise. There are heaps of branded products which are both inexpensive and effective. There are also products which transcend different industries due to their practicality. Some such products are promotional bags. Promotional bags come in all shapes and sizes are are easily tailored to meet any requirement. With promotional bags you can promote you brand whilst also providing a useful branded product. For cheaper options you can go with paper bags. If you got more in your budget, then custom tote bags might be more your style.

Promotional Pens Never Go Out of Style

Further to the theme of cheap promotional branded products has promotional pens come to mind. Now more than ever people will want to carry around their own pens. So giving them a promotional pen will not only help them but with promotional pens you know you are on a winner when it comes to promoting your brand.

So give Brand Republic a call or browse our website. We are the premier banded products specialists.

Printed Bags as a Marketing Tool and Beyond

Printed Paper Bags: More Than Just a Trend!

Marketing a business and its products and services is a critical way to reach potential customers. When you consider marketing methods available different options that you can use for your business. In an eco conscious world most businesses opt for eco-friendly marketing methods. One such marketing methods is printed paper bags. Even then printed bags as a marketing tool gives you a big bang for your buck.

Printed Paper Bags Deliver

Printed paper bags are a great way to deliver products to your customers while creating a brand presence. These bags are durable and reusable which means whenever a customer uses the printed paper bag, they inevitably promote the business. Printed paper bags are not just a marketing fad. They are here to stay. With many jurisdictions banning plastic bags you can expect paper bags to fill the gap.

More Than Just a Marketing Tool

In this article, we will tell you a few reasons why printed paper bags are not a marketing fad, instead, they are a great marketing tool.

  • Endless possibilities

Choose any colour you want and decide the message you want to deliver. Whether you want the printed paper bag to be minimalistic or pop amongst several items, the choice is yours! Also, you can determine the brand message that goes on the paper bag.

Do you just want your brand logo? Do you want a brand logo and your business tagline? Or maybe you want the complete brand name, logo, and address on the paper bag? Again, the choice is all yours!

  • Eco-friendly choice

As mentioned previously, printed paper bags are an eco-friendly choice for marketing. You can get biodegradable or recyclable paper bags. This means that along with promoting your business, you are also conscious about your environment that helps you create a positive brand image.

  • Perfect Replacement for plastic bags

With plastic bags being banned all around the world it is logical that a replacement will need to take their place. Paper bags are made from renewable resources and they are biodegradable. You don’t have to worry about them clogging our waterways and beaches. It is one of the reasons they have been so readily embraced by businesses.

Now that you know printed paper bags are more than just a trendy marketing fad, you can contact Brand Republic right away.

Brand Republic is amongst the leading promotional products manufacturer and suppliers known to provide the finest personalized brand products. Whether you want printed paper bags, personalized merchandise, printed coffee mugs, and more, the company has got you covered. All their products are made with the highest quality of materials. You can choose the design and type of product you want while placing your order. The company will manufacture the said item and deliver it to you in no time. With Brand Republic, you will never run out of high-quality promotional products for your business. Visit their website now to know more.

How Brand Republic Can Help

Brand Republic is a prominent manufacturer of promotional products such as printed paper bags and more. So if you are looking at printed paper bags as a marketing tool and beyond then give us a call. Our friendly staff are always happy to help.

Reusable Coffee Cups For A Better Planet

Reusable Coffee Cups For Your Brand Promotion

Brand promotions and generating brand awareness among people have been an integral part of a business’ marketing strategies. Businesses and brands not only promote themselves with the help of online marketing or billboards, pamphlets, etc., but they also use personalised merchandise for promoting their brand. Using promotional gifts as part of your merchandise promotion has their benefits but image if it could help the planet as well. It is for that reason that we say you should use reusable coffee cups for a better planet. Using reusable coffee cups for your next marketing campaign will not only be helping the environment we all depend on but also your brands reach.

End of Single Use Plastic

In the UK they have just instigate a new law targeting single use plastic cutlery. The thinking is that single use plastic is such a huge waste that it is time to get rid of it. Indeed single use plastic goods are clogging our water ways and filling our landfill at unprecedented rates. It is time we put a stop to it and started being smarts. Before our society buries itself under a mountain of plastic we should think sustainably. Utilising reusable coffee cups is the way to go. Even then we should go one step further and only use recyclable materials or even organic where possible. Again lets use reusable coffee cups for a better planet.

Plan Your Promo With Brand Republic

If you are unsure or need assistance for a sustainable marketing campaign contact Brand Republic. Our knowledgable staff are always happy to help so why not give us a call today.

Reusable Coffee Cups For A Better Planet