Assorted Colour Crayons in White Cardboard Box

Product Code: LL196

Product Description

Branded Colour Crayon in Plain Box.

Marketing your business can be difficult when you can’t use traditional promotional products such as USB’s, pens and keyrings. Companies that offer services for children, such as day care centres and play centres tend to need products aimed at both adults and children and this is where our Assorted Colour Crayons packaged in a white cardboard box come into action.

These eight non-toxic coloured wax crayons are the perfect promotional item for when you need something different. The white cardboard box is branded with your logo or marketing print on a 4 colour print label, with a print size of 50mm x 50mm giving you plenty of room to marketing your business. Combined with brightly coloured crayons, you’ll have parents and children remembering who you are.

These boxed colour crayons are a great item to give away to children when they are signed up for your business or to add into activity packs to be used when they are in your care or place of business.

Children love colouring in, and with brightly coloured crayons packaged into your own promotional box, both the child and their parent will want to use your services again.

  • Colours

  • Dimensions

    66mmL x 110mmH x 10mmD

  • Branding

    4CP Label Standard

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