Assorted Colour Crayons in Cardboard Tube

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Product Description

Promotional Custom Crayons.

As a business whose main customers are children and their parents, you may be looking for a promotional item that can attract the eye of your young customers while be 100% approved by their parents or caregivers. Our branded Assorted Colour Crayon Cardboard Tubes are a handy little promotional tool when you’ve got busy little hands in your business.

These crayon sets come with 30 assorted non-toxic wax crayons with two promotional label opportunities; you can have a rectangle 4 colour print label measuring 55mm x 50mm or a 45mm diameter circle 4 colour print label.

It’s not often you find a promotional product that is 100% child friendly, and these are a great option to put on tables or to include as part of party packs or entertainment packs. If you find yourself needing to promote to children and their parents, our Assorted Colour Crayon Cardboard Tubes are an easy, yet eye-catching promotional tool.

  • Colours

  • Dimensions

    107mmH x 57mm Diameter

  • Branding

    4CP Label Standard

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