09 Jan, 2018

What’s the deal with Vacuum Flasks

Many people ask “What’s the deal with Vacuum Flasks?” “Why are they sought after so much?”. Well, the thing is that there are so many factors which contribute to the quality of the Thermos. Turns out, there are good ones and really bad ones. We will try to filter out what makes the great Thermos stand out from the other stainless steel cups.

A good Thermos is an invaluable component of our daily lives. The simple solution for keeping your juice cold, or keeping your coffee hot. Not to mention the option to cook in it, the thermos is especially necessary if you are a traveler or hiker.

Our 750ml Stainless Steel Thermos is the right choice for your everyday needs. It is a fantastic promotional item as well, for the companies or businesses in search for the perfect item which stands out among the cups and the pens. The Stainless Steel Thermos is the way to go if your employees are working long hours and are in dire need of a good hot coffee. It’s basically the most thoughtful gift.

Vacuum Flasks are Indestructible

Armed with an indestructible stainless steel double wall, a flawless technology for temperature regulation, the Ezymugs 750ml Stainless Steel Thermos is the ultimate in liquid containers. It has an easy pour feature and the silver lid acts as a cup as well. Above all, the smooth, silver surface makes a great candidate for promotional designs and logos.

Additionally, there are three printing options available: pad printing (35mm x 45mm), screen printing (180mm x 60mm) and laser engraving, all of which stand out perfectly with clarity and precision.

The three printing options, specifically the pad and screen printing are basically used for a wider, more general use for promoting your company or message. On the other hand, the laser engraving is for when you are looking for the perfect birthday gift and personalised uses, great for your staff, clients, and friends.

Vacuum Flasks are great as promotional items

Deserving of an honorable mention, our Desktop Travel Mugs also make a great promotional item perfect for branding. The Thermal mugs make an excellent corporate gift, especially for the hiking, more adventurous clientele.

Of course, the mugs look professional enough to use in an office setting, but their high-quality properties and are made for the though environments like the great outdoors. The unbreakable nature of the Stainless Steel Thermos will make sure no damage comes to it and it will keep the temperature unchanged for a very long period of time.

A high-quality Stainless Steel Thermos is the perfect promotional product for you, your clients, and staff. It is a surefire way of getting your brand known and your customers will be happy. My honest recommendation is to go right ahead and grab one of the Ezymugs 750ml Stainless Steel Thermos.

It can withstand even the highest of falls. A near-indestructible container, determined to keep the absolute status quo of your coffee’s temperature. Far more than your basic every day Thermos, the 750ml Stainless Steel Thermos will not disappoint you.