27 Apr, 2018

Various Categories of Promotional Products

When companies decide which promotional products they want; they take numerous factors into account, such as quality, aesthetics, purpose, and price. Although all of these are essential factors, there is one that people tend to forget to keep in view- the circulation of these promotional items. We at Brand Republic have created some categories of products, based on how they will be circulated. This guide will definitely help you make an informed choice.

Some Choices for Promotional Products

  1. Counter Tops

Some promotional merchandise is placed on top of counters. This circulation method relies a lot on consumer honesty as the products can be self-service ones. They could either be completely free or could be bought at a very small price. For example, charity organizers or local fairs place these products like badges, mugs at their locations. It’s always wise to opt for low-cost products for events like these. Choose handy, attractive and vibrant items which are also easier to distribute.

  1. Staff gifts

For promotional merchandise such as these, it’s important that you prioritise the quality factor. These products are entirely different from charity items. They need to be functional and made of good-quality. Think about the products your staff members would end up using on a regular basis. You could also consider buying personalised merchandise such as pens, notepads, mouse pads etc.

  1. Tradeshow Handouts

Companies focus on attracting a larger number of people to their stand at trade shows. It’s always a challenge to think out of the box in these situations but it isn’t impossible. You should look for items that have an attractive colour and functionality.

  1. Corporate Gifts (posted/hand-delivered)

This is one more type of promotional merchandise that has to be chosen with care. In some cases, your associates could be handing these out to employees that just joined your company. Irrespective of who the recipients are, it’s always important to hand out best-quality merchandise.

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Categories of Promotional Products