30 Aug, 2022

Use Custom Embroidery To Make Your Custom Apparel Shine

Custom Embroidery

When you are looking to purchase apparel for you staff or customers branding is an important issue. Providing custom apparel is about enhancing your brand presence so you want to get it right. To that end you want to make sure that you are using the best branding method available to you. If you want to make your custom apparel to shine then you need to use custom embroidery.

Embroidery is an excellent way of branding bags, apparel, and other textile products. It offers higher perceived value and a depth of branding quality which other processes cannot match. Embroidery uses rayon thread which is stitched into the product and has a slightly raised effect.

Make you apparel standout with custom embroidery


The first step in having apparel that will stand out is the garments themselves. You want to make sure that you choose a good range to begin with that is classy and has a good fit. The material should be of good quality and something that is easy to wear. A comfortable good looking garment will always be a favourite for the person wearing it.

The next step is to ensure good branding. The logo should be in a prominent position but should be proportionate the the item which is being embroidered. With business shirt you usually have a few areas which can be embroidered such as the front, the pocket and the collar. Sometimes more is less and well thought our positioning is important.

Custom embroidered apparel exudes quality

Embroidery as a human pursuit has been around for centuries. Garments which were embroidered were for the well off. Cultures all around the world used embroidery as a way to enhance a piece of clothings worth. Back in the day everything was done by hand so it was laborious. These days however we have machines to do it so you can do multiple items at a time.

Whilst custom embroidery can be mass produced it still offered an air of quality and excellence. Why shouldn’t your logo be displayed in a way that will leave people in awe. When people are presented with apparel which is custom embroidered they will know it is something worth having. A branded polo shirt will be transformed into something that stands out will an embroidered logo.

Brand products look great with quality embroidery


In the world of branded products there are all sorts of things which can be customised with your logo. Indeed it is not just business shirts and polos which an be embroidered. You have a large range of branded products which are suitable for this kind of branding. Whilst screen printing is also a popular option for items such a bags you want a branding method which will endure. That is where embroidery steps in and takes over.

A good quality branding option is that way to go with branded products. If it is a garment you are looking to customise then look no further. It will ensure your logo last way into the future.

A good embroiderer is its own reward

Whatever you are looking at branding one item or a whole host what you need first is a branding expert. Someone like Brand Republic can steer you through the whole branding process. With knowledgable staff you know you will get the information you require. So make sure to give us a call as we are more than happy to help.