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Custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas are a great way to get your brand out there. They have been a mainstay of the promotional products industry for many years now and will continue to be so for years to come. The great thing about custom printed and promotional umbrellas is that they are an all weather and all season item. You might think that they are only good for a rainy day but they are good for all times of the year and seasons.

Custom umbrellas come in different sizes to suit your needs. You have compact ones which are great for carrying in a bag or suitcase. They are easily stashed away in the boot of a car or glove compartment making them the perfect corporate gift. You then have larger ones which give you more protection in the sun or the rain and even beach umbrellas for when you are spending time outdoors.

Our umbrellas come in different colours making them a good product to match with your corporate colours. They can come in a two tone combination or single colour depending on your needs. Both options give you the opportunity to meet your corporate branding goals. They are both assured to give you maximum impact in your branding exercise.

Branding is important when you are looking at purchasing a promotional product. There is nothing better then having a nice big print area to display your logo, especially with a product which features so prominently outdoors. There are not many products which can offer you a larger print area for your marketing campaign.

Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas and custom printed umbrellas have always been popular promotional gifts. They are practical all year range as they are not only great to have on a rainy day but also when the sun is beating down. People are increasingly starting to realise that the best way to guard against the negative effect of being in the sun too long is to avoid it altogether. With a good umbrella, you can still enjoy the outdoors without getting burnt.

At Brand Republic we have the largest range of Promotional Umbrellas in Australia. Our great range of branded umbrellas has always been the choice of many corporate clients. We have a range of locally available stock or if you have time then supply indent direct from the factory for bigger saving. This is especially recommended for larger orders.

Good Quality Printed Umbrellas

A good printed umbrella is only good if it can resist the harsh climate that this great continent has to offer. That’s why it is important to choose a reputable company to print your promotional umbrella. At Brand Republic we only use the best screen-printing methods to make sure that your umbrellas and your logo can endure the harshest weather conditions. Rain, hail or shine you can depend on our quality products and our great quality print. You can even print using sublimation print for larger indent orders which means the print is embedded in the fabric and can not be scratched off.

Position of Print

The logo print on a promotional umbrella needs stand out. To achieve this it needs to be both large and in a prominent position. Umbrellas are not only chosen for their practical usage but also for the fact that the company logo with stand out. Go for a walk in any major city and your will see a plethora or umbrellas emblazoned with all the major brands. You will even see brands you never even heard about.

This is what make golf and beach umbrellas particularly attractive for any promotional campaign. They are very big and as a result have ample room for any corporate logo. That said any one big or small is always a great gift idea.

Custom Branded Umbrellas – Competitive Pricing

All our Custom Branded Umbrellas are the most competitively priced in the market. We believe a good quality branded umbrella should not cost an arm and a leg. It is our view that an umbrella is a great way to market your brand or services in a cost effectively. We are confident that you can find the perfect one for your business on our website. If there is something you need and can’t find it or need more options let us know.

Popular Umbrellas

The most popular types is the corporate golf umbrellas. That said they are not the only umbrellas that our customers choose. We also have vented umbrellas, storm proof umbrellas, automatic umbrellas, ladies umbrellas, telescopic umbrellas and parasols to name a few. We also offer:

  • indent – for larger order where budget is a concern.
  • stock  – for quick turn around and small orders.

No matter what kind of umbrella you want or branded method you need our friendly staff are happy to help. When choosing a promotional product to fit your marketing campaign it is import to pick one that is flexible and will show case your corporate identity well. What better product than one with a large print area and that comes in different sizes and colours. All of which combined will do wonders for the presentation of your company’s logo.

So if you have any questions or require pricing fee free to contact us. Our friendly staff are always happy to help. We can even provide a product mock up so you can see how great your logo will look.

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