10 Nov, 2022

Top Corporate Apparel Ideas

Top Corporate Apparel Ideas

Most companies these days are on the hybrid side of working with many employees working from home. Due to this new developments organisations have the opportunity to look at other branding opportunities. Now there is the need to look beyond the office and embrace the home. Yet also means that there is more of a need for  branded promotional products that are practical and can be used at home and elsewhere. Corporate apparel is a fantastic idea when it comes to corporate giveaways. Here are our top corporate apparel ideas to use as giveaways this year.

T-shirts and polo with logos

When you are planning to give away branded apparel, it is essential to have a clear idea of how much branding is considered excessive. It should be sufficient to just have a logo on t-shirts and polo shirts. You could go with some motivational quotes that are printed on these clothes if you want to spice things up a bit and make them more interesting. These items are likely going to see a significant uptick in demand from customers as summer approaches.

Printed t-shirts have always been considered an inexpensive and effective way to promote a brand. If done right printed t-shirts attract a lot of demand and even have the chance to become icon. Think of some of the legacy brands and how they used cool printed t-shirts in the past which still resonate with consumers today.

Custom branded hoodie and sweatshirts

Custom branded hoodies and sweatshirts are another example of corporate apparel which can be effectively used to promote a brand. Whilst not your typical idea of corporate apparel as they are more informal they are indeed in demand items in the promotional products industry. Not everything needs to be formal and using more casual clothing items can help you expand your reach.

As previously mentioned the new hybrid work environment which has become prevalent in the past couple of years has made casual wear more attractive as corporate apparel items. That is why you will be seeing more and more branded hoodies out there with company logos.

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