07 Sep, 2022

The Best Umbrellas

The Best Umbrellas

When looking for corporate gift ideas it is important to find something that will have mass appeal. You want to be sure that the product will be durable and in use for a long time after you have distributed it. After all most companies and organisations operate on a limited budget so they want to get a good return on investment. Printed umbrellas are one such product which has an enduring lifecycle. Here we will research some of the best umbrellas for custom branding.

The right umbrella for the right situation

Not all umbrellas are the same. Different situations call for different umbrellas and finding the right one for you depends on knowing your needs. There are all sorts of printed umbrellas available which is great. You have compact umbrellas, sports umbrellas, golf umbrellas and beach umbrellas to name the most important. So if you are hosting a golf day then it would make sense you have branded golf umbrellas

The type of umbrella you chose will also influence the cost of your marketing campaign. Generally the bigger the umbrella the higher the cost. Although there are other factors which will influence the price like the handle type and material. Also the size of the logo, the amount of colours in it and the number of positions will add to the end price.

Full Colour Compact Umbrella

The Full Colour Compact Umbrella is a compact 53cm, three-stage folding umbrella which has a polyester 190T pongee canopy with a stunning full colour finish. It has a black eight-rib metal frame and a metal shaft. Other features include automatic opening and closing, metal tips, a plastic handle, a woven elastic carry handle, a Velcro tie and a matching sleeve. The umbrella and sleeve can be branded with stunning full-colour sublimation print

The is a great choice if you have a logo with a gradient or just want to print on the entire surface of the umbrella. Also the fact that it is compact means that people can take it with them where ever they go and pop it out at the first sight of rain. This is the kind of branded product that will make a huge impact.

Blunt Classic Umbrella

The Blunt Classic Umbrella is an original full-size, full-length and fully tensioned high-performance custom umbrella.  It is the must-have companion for day-long downpours. The Classic umbrella is presented in an eco-friendly, unbleached cardboard box. The branding on the box is subject to change. Each umbrella is backed by a two-year global manufacturer’s warranty.

The BLUNT Classic Umbrella feature patented tips which open like miniature umbrellas within pockets at the canopy edge to reinforce the umbrella. In these days of heavy wild storms you want to know that you have a product which can take the punishment. The Blunt is one such product which won’t let you down.

Trident Sports Umbrella

If it is a sports umbrella which you are looking for then the Trident is a great choice. It has a superior automatic opening, eight-panel sports umbrella. It has a vented, twin-panel showerproof and windproof 190T polyester canopy with 76cm ribs. Trident has an eight-rib fibreglass frame and a strong fibreglass shaft.

The Trident Sports Umbrella’s other features include a contoured soft-touch hand grip, plastic tips, two Velcro ties and the option of full colour branding on the white panels.

If you want the best call the best

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