06 Sep, 2023

Promotional Travel Mugs: A Sip of Brand Visibility with Brand Republic

Flair Stainless Steel Coffee Cup 

When you think of promotional products, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a pen with a company logo, or maybe a branded tote bag. While these are certainly popular choices, one promotional item that has been gaining traction in recent times is the travel mug. And no one does it better than Brand Republic, a premium supplier of promotional products.

Why Choose Promotional Travel Mugs?

Promotional travel mugs offer a unique blend of utility and visibility. They’re items that people use every day, making them a consistent touchpoint for brand recall. Whether your target audience is sipping their morning coffee on the way to work or enjoying a cup of tea during a weekend outing, a branded travel mug ensures your company remains top of mind.

Moreover, with the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness, providing a reusable travel mug can showcase your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. And speaking of sustainability…

Introducing: The Flair Stainless Steel Coffee Cup

The latest addition to Brand Republic’s premium range of promotional products is the Flair Stainless Steel Coffee Cup. It’s not just any coffee cup, but one that aligns perfectly with the needs and values of today’s consumers. Here’s why:

  • Design & Functionality: A 360ml double-walled stainless steel vacuum cup ensures your drink remains at its desired temperature, be it hot or cold, for up to 6 hours. The secure screw lid comes with a unique push-button feature, allowing you to drink from any position on the rim. Its slim design ensures it fits snugly into most car cup holders.
  • Safety & Care: The cup is BPA-free, ensuring a safe drinking experience. For ensuring the longevity of your logo, it’s recommended to hand wash the cup. It’s not suitable for carbonated liquids or freezing.
  • Eco Credentials: This isn’t just another coffee cup. It’s a statement. The Flair cup is reusable and sustainable. Furthermore, it’s printed using renewable energy, amplifying its eco-friendly credentials.
  • Customization Options: Brand Republic offers varied decoration methods for the Flair Stainless Steel Coffee Cup. Whether it’s screen printing, digital printing, or even laser engraving, there’s an option to align with every brand’s aesthetics.
  • Specifications: Available in classic white and black, the cup’s size is 174 x 78mm Dia. It’s constructed from high-grade stainless steel with a PP lid.
  • Packaging: The Flair Coffee Cup comes wrapped in tissue paper and is housed in a Kraft tuck box. Every carton contains 24 cups, weighing a total of 6.5 kg.

In a world where brand visibility is crucial, and sustainability is more than just a buzzword, the Flair Stainless Steel Coffee Cup from Brand Republic stands out as a beacon of quality and responsibility. It’s more than just a promotional product; it’s a statement of your brand’s values. So, the next time you think of an impactful promotional product, think of Brand Republic and their range of premium offerings. Cheers to brand visibility with every sip!

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