02 Mar, 2018

Promotional Products- Some FAQ’s

As a business owner, you invest a significant amount of money and time in designing and planning your company’s marketing strategy and if it is the right blend of digital and traditional marketing techniques, it can have a greater impact. This is where promotional products come into the picture. These are tried and tested tools that companies of all sizes use to grab the attention of existing and potential customers. The experts at Brand Republic get some common questions from customers and here we answer some of them?

FAQ’s about promotional products

  1. Are promotional products impactful?

Market studies indicate that these promotional products continue to be impactful. In most instances people will use these products only when they support a particular brand; and so when your customers use these items, it  sends a very positive brand message to people that don’t currently use your products or services, but you want to target.

  1. Which promotional products have the most impact?

There is no standard answer to this particular question. Ideally, the products you choose should be in line with your branding and market image. They should also blend in well with your services, products, and other marketing campaigns you use. For example, a sportswear company would need products that are different from that a cosmetic company opts for.

  1. Does the printing really matter?

Just as it is important to opt for good quality products, it’s also very important to have high quality printing on it. If the print fades away or gets wiped away from the promotional products you distribute, that will only leave a very poor impression on your customers.

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Promotional Products- Some FAQ’s