Lynmouth Espresso 80ml

The Lynmouth Espresso cup is the optimal size for serving the ultimate espresso. At 80ml capacity and with a matching saucer, the Lynmouth Espresso cup would be a great addition to your promotional and marketing needs. Classic in colour and design, the Lynmouth Espresso cup has a large handle, is well-made and durable. As with the rest of our Café Range, the white colour of the cup means you can use a range of colours and designs to showcase your brand, and the printing will still be there even after multiple rounds through the dishwasher.

Due to the classic design, the Lynmouth Espresso cup is suitable for corporate and non-corporate work environments and would easily fit with the needs of a café or be suitable for use in corporate gifts. As with the rest of the Lynmouth range, the Espresso cup comes with a matching saucer. Presented in one of our branded gift boxes, the Espresso Cup and Saucer would make the ideal promotional coffee cup.

  • Capacity: 80ml