Square Mugs

  • The Square Mug is the simple and basic everyday mug that will help your business stand out while not breaking the marketing budget. Available in white and red/white, the Square mug is a great shape with a handle that makes it easy to hold.
  • If you only have a simple marketing message, or want to keep your logo print looking clean and sleek, the Square mug is a great branded mug option. Due to their lower price, these are the perfect wholesale mug, which can help you get your brand out to all of your clients and customers rather than a select few.
  • Because of the modest feel of the Square mug, this printed mug will suit all of your customers and clients, from the top corporates right down to those running their businesses from home. If you want an “all inclusive” promotional mug, the Square mug is it.
  • The Square mug fits into our Mug Box 1 to help you present a consistent and professional marketing image.
  • Capacity: 235ml