Printed Balloons

Brand Republic is a premium supplier of printed balloons. Balloons are a great addition to any event. They are fun and a great way to get your message across to consumers. Corporate events are an excellent example of where they can be used with great success. Our large amount of colour options really give you a chance to  spice up any occasion. We have a quick and easy online method of choosing your balloon type, custom logo, and quantity via our website.

Printed balloon are the most cost effective form of marketing available. Balloons are generally inexpensive and have a high visual impact making them ideal addition to any corporate event or festivity. They can be printed with your logo or message and you can have multiple colours. They’re a great way to get your message across to consumers as well so they are an easy choice for any event. Balloons can be found in all sorts of corporate gathering, including franchise openings, promotional events, and festive gatherings.

Decorative balloons are one of the most popular ways to spruce up a gathering, celebration. They are the epitome of fun, suitable for birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings, and baby showers.

Great Service & Balloon Options

We, at Brand Republic, offer you the best service for custom balloon printing, and it’s very easy. You can print your very own logo, brand, or message, and you get to choose all kinds of balloon colors, and 4 logo colors on 2 sides of the balloon.

There are two sizes available; 28cm balloons, and the 90cm balloons, for those who require a truly jumbo printed balloon.

Additionally, We have 5 types of balloons available in 28cm for you to choose:

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Environmentally friendly Balloons

All our balloons are made from environmentally friendly material so you can have piece of mind. The latex used in the manufacturing process is fully biodegradable which gives you all the confidence you need when using them for your events. With our environmentally friendly balloons, your events will be a blast.

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    Printed Balloons