Personalised Gifts

Brand Republic has a range of personalised gifts which can be custom branded with your logo. Our extensive range of products means that there is something for every occasion. No matter what your event you can be sure that we will be able to assist you.

How do Personalised Gifts Work?

Personalised gifts can work in a number of ways. The best way to think of them is as a promotional product but with a more personal touch. Whilst you may still decide to give a gift with universal branding there is also the option of variable branding. This is were you might be giving a gift to a set group of people and you want to include their names for example. Just think of a promotional mug where you print your company logo but also individual names. It is the personal touch of the individual names which makes it a personalised gift.

In 2016, Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI) studied the effectiveness of promotional products. According to their study, 85% recall the advertiser that gave them a shirt or hat. Moreover, they want products that are useful to them and very practical like apparel, bags, calendars, and USB drives. So personalised gifts and promotional products really can have a major effect on your brands reach.

How Much Should I Budget?

Every marketing campaign is different. Also the goals you are trying to achieve will vary as well. The best thing about dealing with Brand Republic is that we will always do our best to ensure you get maximum bang for your buck. It doesn’t matter if your qualities are big or small we will do our best to ensure you are under budget. Our experience staff will help you with everything from ideas to sourcing and logo mockups so you know what you will be getting.

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    Personalised Gifts