18 Aug, 2022

Personalised Gifts For Your Next Golf Day

Personalised Gifts For Your Next Golf Day

Golf days are a great way to have some fun with your staff and clients alike. Having a day out getting some exercise whilst enjoying the great weather this country has to offer can be very rewarding. It doesn’t hurt that we have so many world class golf courses to visit. When you are organising your event it is important to think of ways to make the memory last. What will enhance an already great day is some personalised gifts for your next golf day.

1. Custom Esky

The Esky (or cooler box) is the quintessential Australian product. It probably explains why the work esky (which is a registered trade mark) has been so synonymous with cooler boxes. A custom Esky is a great addition to any golf day. With such an outdoor event there is bound to be some cold drink so a custom esky branded with your company logo will have a great impact.

The great thing about the custom esky is that they come in all sorts of sizes to suit your event. So if you have a lot of attendees you can opt for the large models. If it is something small that you require then your needs will also be met. Branding usually consists of a sticker but you can also apply a screen print or digital print on most occasions.

2. Printed Umbrellas

The golf umbrella is a staple for any golf day. Being outside all day long obviously results in excessive exposure to the sun. The need to remain sun safe means that a printed umbrellas are an absolutely must. They are invariable large which makes for a great print area and you know they will be in use time and again. That would explain why they are such a staple of the promotional products industry.

The most popular types is the corporate golf umbrellas. That said they are not the only umbrellas that our customers choose. We also have vented umbrellas, storm proof umbrellas, automatic umbrellas, ladies umbrellas, telescopic umbrellas and parasols to name a few. So make sure you keep printed umbrellas in mind when organising your branded merchandise.

3. Promotional Caps

Just as with umbrellas promotional caps are not only great as a branded item but a necessary for out door events. Again long periods spent outdoor require protection from the sun. Unfortunately it is not practical to hold a golf umbrella whilst taking a swing so a custom brand cap is the next best thing.

Whilst all promotional caps are idea for branding our Titleist Tour Performance Cap are a popular choice for golf days. They are a brand which people instantly associate with golf and look great co-branded with your logo. Recipients will also appreciate being handed such a quality item.

4. Promotional Car Sun Shades

Whilst it might not seem like the most obvious branded product so a golf day our promotional car sun shapes are an excellent option. Nobody like spending a pleasant day outdoors only to return to a scorching hot car. A car sun shade not only protects your dashboard from sun damage but also significantly reduce the temperature in your car. It is crazy that such a low cost item can have so much benefit.

The best thing about promotional car sunshade is that they have an enormous print area. They are even more visible than printed umbrellas. So as well as adding your logo you can incorporate any other message that you want.


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