19 Sep, 2023

Introducing the Umbrella Car Sunshade by Brand Republic: The Ultimate Blend of Function and Promotion

Sunrays can be brutal, especially during those scorching summer days. It’s not just the heat that troubles; the UV radiation can damage the interiors of your car. How many times have you stepped into your car after it’s been parked under the sun and immediately felt like you’ve entered an oven? And let’s not forget about the damage prolonged sun exposure can do to your dashboard, seats, and other interior fixtures. Enter the Umbrella Car Sunshade by Brand Republic.

Why “Umbrella”?

No, we’re not talking about the rain shield you use during downpours. Brand Republic brings you a car sunshade that functions just like an umbrella. It opens and closes with the same convenience, making it incredibly user-friendly. Gone are the days when you had to fumble with oversized and stubborn sunshades. The Umbrella Car Sunshade offers a seamless experience, keeping your car cool and protected.

Easy to Store, Pleasure to Use

One of the most impressive features of this sunshade is its “one press storage”. With just a single press, you can close it and store it without any hassles. It’s so compact that it easily fits into your glove compartment or even the side door compartments. This ensures that the sunshade is always within arm’s reach, ready to protect your vehicle at a moment’s notice.

Customization at its Best

But the Umbrella Car Sunshade isn’t just about functionality. Brand Republic understands the power of branding. When you can showcase your brand logo on a product that is frequently used and highly visible, it amplifies the recall value manifold.

The sunshade offers multiple branding options:

  • Screen Print: Ideal for bold designs and logos.
  • Heat Transfer: Perfect for intricate patterns and detailed logos.
  • Sublimation: Best for full-color designs covering the entire sunshade.

Size Does Matter

With two size options available, this sunshade is designed to fit most cars. Whether you own a compact sedan or a larger SUV, Brand Republic has got you covered (literally!):

  • Large: 79cm x 126/140cm
  • Small: 65cm x 110/118 cm

Great for Business and Bulk Orders

If you’re considering bulk orders for corporate events, employee gifts, or promotional purposes, Brand Republic has set a modest minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 50 units. It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses to create brand visibility in a unique and functional manner.

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The Umbrella Car Sunshade by Brand Republic is not just another car accessory. It’s a statement of utility, innovation, and brand power. Whether you’re shielding your car from the sun’s wrath or amplifying your brand’s visibility, this sunshade is a worthy addition to every car owner’s arsenal.

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