02 Oct, 2023

Introducing the All-New Colour Range of the Alchemy Glass Tumbler by Brand Republic

Alchemy Glass Tumbler New Colours

For those who relish the finer things in life, the Alchemy Glass Tumbler has been a mark of sophistication and eco-conscious choice. Previously gracing our homes and offices in classic black and white, Brand Republic, the renowned premium supplier of branded products, has now unveiled an expanded colour palette for this elegant tumbler. And we couldn’t be more excited!

A Glimpse into the Alchemy Glass Tumbler

Each Alchemy Glass Tumbler is meticulously crafted from lightweight borosilicate glass. What’s unique about borosilicate? Apart from its shimmering clarity, it’s exceptionally strong and is known for its shatter-resistant nature. This makes the tumbler both a beauty and a beast.

Coupled with a secure push-on lid made of natural bamboo, the tumbler screams ‘luxury meets sustainability’. The lid, with its charming silicone straw, ensures that you can sip with style. What’s more, the bamboo element gives each tumbler its unique grain pattern and colour, making every piece a true original.

The tumbler is wrapped in a non-slip protective silicone sleeve which serves a dual purpose: it prevents condensation, ensuring that your table remains spotless, and it also keeps your beverages cooler for a longer duration.

The Expanded Colour Palette

The Alchemy Glass Tumbler now comes in a range of delightful shades:

  • Ecru
  • Sunny Yellow
  • Playful Pink
  • Earthy Sage
  • Calming Pale Blue
  • Regal Mauve
  • Deep Charcoal
  • Ever-classic Black

Each hue, meticulously chosen, can add a dash of vibrancy to your surroundings and can be a reflection of your personal style.

Perfect for Gifting

Each tumbler comes encased in a natural-coloured gift box, making it a perfect present for any occasion. Its dimensions snugly fit the tumbler, ensuring safety and class.

Care and Maintenance

To keep your Alchemy Glass Tumbler in pristine condition, it is recommended to hand wash it. As with all fine things, a little care goes a long way.

Customize It Your Way

With Brand Republic’s customization options, you can now brand the Alchemy Glass Tumbler to reflect your company’s identity or even a personal touch. Choose between screen printing or debossing to make your mark.

Blend of Elegance and Functionality

The Alchemy Glass Tumbler, with its blend of elegance and functionality, has always been a class apart. With its new colour range, there’s now an Alchemy Glass Tumbler for every mood and style. Whether you’re thinking of revamping your drinkware collection or looking for a premium gifting option, the Alchemy Glass Tumbler should be at the top of your list.

For inquiries or to place an order, reach out to us at info@brandrepublic.com.au. Dive into the world of colours with the Alchemy Glass Tumbler today!

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