09 Jun, 2020

Hand Sanitiser a Must as Businesses Open Up Again

With many areas already “opening up”, and everyone else putting plans in place to do so, people would be experiencing a number of emotions which both elate them and depress them at the same time. There is the elation of being able to go out in public but then at the same time depression due to the amount of time that has been wasted in isolation. This coupled with the fear that one might experience going outside means that people will need some kind of a safety net to see them through these trying times. A couple of things that people will initially need is face masks and hand sanitiser. As there will still be fear of the virus these two things will help the population ease their way into a normal life.

The thing that people will need to do is wear a face mask. When out in public at meetings, lectures and speaking events, or just doing the shopping, wear a mask to help prevent the spread of illness and give others peace of mind. Remember: the mask isn’t just to protect you, it’s to protect others as well. Studies have shown that even simple homemade masks reduce the risk of contagion by a huge amount, so they are well worth it. Even the WHO has finally acknowledged that people should be wearing face mask. Although what took them so long to come to such a logical conclusion is beyond me. That said people must be sure to wash and sanitise their mask after every use to ensure their safety.

Hand Sanitiser and Business Openings

Which brings us to hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is a must as businesses open up again viruses don’t just spread through the air, they can live on surfaces, including clothing, skin, and so much more. Investing in a good sanitiser with at least 65% alcohol to personally sanitise your hands after and before you’ve been out in public is a good idea; having a spray sanitiser as a backup for when you can’t wash your hands is the easiest thing in the world. Sanitiser is relatively inexpensive (and while it was almost completely unavailable for a while, most manufacturers and retail outlets have begun offering it again) and there’s no reason not to stock up on a few bottles to help protect yourself and others.

Which bring us to what you and your business can do to help us all ease into normality. Branding and giving away hand sanitiser is a brilliant way to make a contribution, especially since most other promotional products have been cut back. Sure there was a surge of hand sanitiser purchases for businesses when this Wuhan virus pandemic began, but now it is more important than ever to continue the fight. Businesses can make a different in the combat of the Wuhan virus. Providing hand sanitiser and face masks is a excellent way to start.