11 Apr, 2022

Enhance Your Promotion With Printed Ribbon

Enhance Your Brand

Printed Ribbon To Enhance Your Next Promotion

Planning a promotion can often be a daunting task. Knowing all the ins and outs of preparing a marketing event takes a lot of time and effort. It is probably the main reason why marketing manager choose to use promotional products suppliers to help them navigate the pitfalls that they can encounter. That said there are sometime simple things which we can use to make our corporate gifts stand out that are will enhance your promotion. One such thing is adding printed ribbon to the mix. It is sure to make your marketing promotion sparkle and it’s such a simple addition to make.

Make Your Promotion Standout!

Giving corporate gifts is alway a satisfying event. Seeing the smile on the recipients face when they receive a cool product is priceless. The corporate loyalty you receive is well worth the time and effort. That is why it is such an integral part of promotional marketing. With printed ribbon you have something which is highly visible and effective yet so price effective. The cost of incorporating printed ribbon into your gift giving is so minuscule that it should be a no-brainer every time.When combined it with custom gift wrapping you really have a something which will enhance your brand in your customers mind.

Great Options For All Occasions

With printed ribbon you have a few options available. There are different thicknesses and printed processes to ensure you can meet your branding goals. With ribbon thicknesses there a four different options:

  • 15mm
  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 50mm

There is also the choice of screen print and digital print depending on your logo and the amount of colours you wish to print. So in that regard printed ribbon has the versatility you need to meet your branding requirements.

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