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Promotional Eco Tech

Who doesn’t listen to music on their phones? Wouldn’t you want to listen to your favorite songs while cooking in the kitchen, or doing your workout? Listening to music is even more enjoyable through portable and compact speakers that we can bring along.

And who doesn’t need an extra memory drive for all the files and photos that we have kept and downloaded?

But isn’t it better for us and the environment if we choose promotional eco tech products?

3 Big Reasons to Buy Eco Tech

Stylish Yet Sustainable

All promotional eco tech products are made from wheat fibre, plant fibre or recycled plastic, plus, the designs are sophisticated and state of the art.  We don’t want to miss out on the latest gadgets, but it gets extra points for being eco-friendly.

Do you know that wheat fibre is the latest environmentally friendly alternative to plastic?  It is a by-product of wheat straw so it doesn’t require additional farming processes, and it is biodegrable which means it takes less time to break down unlike plastics. It is used to make numerous products such as the Kozo universal magnetic car vent mount.

Bring Green To Your Home

We all want to lessen our carbon footprint so why don’t we start at home? We are constantly buying products, then let us make the conscious effort to be eco friendly. Little steps will lead to big differences in our environment.

Boost Brand Image

This boosts your brand image, as well, especially if you offer promotional eco tech products as your giveaways. A business that offers state of the art gadgets, while also being concerned enough for the environment and the carbon footprint it leaves.

Climate change and environmental sustainability are major concerns for consumers nowadays. Businesses, no matter their size, will benefit from having a green brand image too. Most consumers use this as a basis for choosing a product or service.

Contact Brand Republic

For stylish and sophisticated promotional eco tech giveaways, drop us a line at Brand Republic. Our friendly staff are always happy to help.