Custom Yoga Mats

Custom Yoga Mats are the perfect item to give to customers and staff.  This year has been long and stressful and the perfect way to unwind is a little bit of yoga or mediation.  Our yoga mats are perfect for a range of exercises and activities  including yoga, stretching and pilates, what ever helps you switch off.

We offer a range of custom yoga mats to choose from, including NBR which are an eco friendly rubber material perfect for yoga or pilates which have a ribbed surface and provides a good anti lip feature.  They are also moisture resistant.  The. NBR mats are available in both 10mm and 15mm thickness.

Our PVC yoga mats are perfect for gentle activity.  PVC makes a great mat due to its grip and durability features.

Lastly our TPE mats have a great surface for better grip and traction,  made from a non toxic recyclable TPE material they are easy to use and easy to care for.

The way we brand your mat will depend on a number of factors including how many you will be ordering, your logo or brand, how many colours does it include and your lead time.  We can also bring your logo on the yoga mat strap or even on the bag if you choose to include one.

Below you can see our easy step by step guide to ordering including materials, branding and packaging options which make our yoga mats the perfect promotional item for your customers and staff.