09 Nov, 2020

Nothing Better Then Branded Bottled Water

Branded bottled water is the go to promotional item for any company.  Make sure the next bottle of water you and your customers drink from is memorable.  Everyone loves a cool bottle of water. But what even makes it better is when it has been gifted as a promotional product and has your favourite brand on it.

Bottled and sourced in Australia. Our water is fresh and clean. Our bottles are 100% recyclable so great for the environment.

With a large print area and full colour printing available therefore your message will be front and centre for all to see.  Branded bottled water is a perfect promotional item.  Given to guests to your office or for events and conferences.

Another perfect use of bottled water is school and sporting events.  Have your school carnival dates, sports or swimming events promoted on a bottle of water.  Has your favourite sports team made it to the final or is in the running to finish the season at the top of the ladder, then have your branded water printed with a message to the team congratulating them on there efforts this season.

Food and beverage is an integral part of any event so make sure you have the water covered and remind your customers who is hosting the event with a message on the bottled water.

Making sure a bottle of water is put into conference bags and given to delegates as they arrive at the event for the day.  Ensure you have everyone’s water supply covered as soon as they arrive for the day.  Branded bottled water in your conference bag is the perfect addition.

Ensure your brand is on display for all to see with our branded bottled water.

For further information and options please visit our branded bottled water page