Promotional Products

Aspects to Consider Before Purchasing Promotional Products Promotional products are an effective way to strengthen the visibility and standing of your brand. Large global corporations use imagery and various promotional products to ensure their branding stays relevant and visible to their customers, both present and future. But this particular marketing strategy isn’t relevant only to … More


Promotional Merchandise

Types of Promotional Merchandise Suitable for Child-Targeted Businesses It can be quite challenging to look for promotional items for companies that cater to the children’s’ market segment. If you are a business that deals in product such as toys, clothes, shoes, sports goods or any other merchandise used by children , you know that the … More


Custom Printed Lanyards

Lanyards for a Cheap and Memorable Gift

These days it is becoming more and more difficult to manage ever shrinking budgets in the work place. This as true for marketing departments as it is with other corporate departments. Which ia why it is important to look for inexpensive products to incorporate in you promotional products inventory. One such product is lanyards. Lanyards … More


Therma Vacuum Printed Bottle

Promotional Water Bottle vs Promotional Bottled Water

When trying to come up with a marketing campaign sometime you come to a dilemma. Sometime the two products you are look at are so similar that you are at a loss which one to go with. Two such products which may lead to said dilemma are promotional water bottles versus promotional bottled water. Whilst they … More


Promotional Fidget Spinners

Branded Products and Where to Brand

In this highly competitive business world companies are always jostling for ways to get their products at the front of the group. There are a huge range of marketing methods that corporations use to achieve this end one of which is the handing out of branded products. The hope is they by giving out gift … More


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