11 Apr, 2021

Autumn Promotions Need Good Planning

If you are a marketing executive sometimes it helps to break up your years planning. A good way to do it is by the seasons. As weather changes so does the type of activities that people do. Now summer is well and truly over it is time to plan for your Autumn Promotions. The heat is gone and chilly mornings are upon us which makes it a good opportunity to consider that reality in your planning process.

Outdoors is still fun

Even though it is getting cold it doesn’t mean that you need to forget about outdoor promotions and events. Whilst it might be getting colder it is important to remember that this is Australia after all. The weather is quite mild and autumn is still a nice time to be outdoors. What is why using a  Custom Esky in your promotion is a good idea. The custom esky might not be the most inexpensive promotional product but it certainly is one that stands out. You don’t even have to give them away to everyone. Esky’s are a great product to use in a sweep stakes kind of competition or a door prize at an event. In any case a custom esky is a great way to promote your brand.

Wearables are always good

No matter what the season people are always receptive when given clothing. With  corporate apparel you have the benefit of knowing that the recipient will be wearing your product way into the future and will be displaying your brand when they do. If it is a giveaway corporate apparel item then probably you would want to look at something less expensive like a cap, a scarf or a t-shirt. If you are hosting an event then corporate apparel is an important item for any staff you might have present. Whether it be your regular staff of sub-contractors like waiters etc then corporate apparel branded with your logo is a must.

Identify yourself with lanyards

On that notion of having events it is a good idea to have items available which help identify your attendees. To that end a  promotional lanyards is a great option. Promotional lanyards are just regular lanyards printed with your corporate logo. For events they are a great way to hand out security passes and other materials which help identify the people present. You can also have different lanyards printed with things like “Staff” or “Security” so that attendees know who to approach if they require assistance. In any case promotional lanyards are a must have item at any event. The fact that they are inexpensive doesn’t hurt either.

So as you can see when planning your Autumn promotions there is a lot to think about. If you need more idea feel free to contact the people at Brand Republic. Our friendly and knowledgable staff are always happy to help.

Autumn Promotions