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    Merchant Mens Polo


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    Cool Dry Mens Polo


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Branded Promotional Polo Shirts

Polos are a great promotional item and we have a huge range to choose from. Polos are perfect for many promotional campaigns or simply as promotional merchandise that can be purchased by visitors to your business or your supporters. Sporting associations rely on polos as part of their merchandise to promote their team via their supporters. Other businesses use them as giveaways or attendee gifts at events and conferences.

Polo Shirt As Workwear

Polos can also be a great workwear item for your staff members around the office or worksite, especially if your business is in trades or your staff are constantly on the go. Some of our more corporate style polos include the Bio-Weave Polo, the Challenge Polo and the Solar Lite Polo. For the businesses in the trade industry our entire Polo range will give you lots to choose from.

Many sporting clubs and associations use Polo shirts for players and officials as well as being available for supporters to purchase. Keeping this in mind, as well as our adult’s Polo range, we have shirts available for children which allows us to provide you a range covering from 5 year olds to 95 year olds.

Popular Polos

Our popular Polos include the Cool Dry range made from polyester with antibacterial protection, deodorised treatment, moisture wicking treatment and UV protection. These breathable polos are easy to move in and are great for a hot summer day. Our H2-X-Dry Polos are also a popular choice with their moisture wicking material which allows staff members or sports team to be out in the sun all day without needing to worry about shirt sticking to them. These shirts wick away moisture leaving the wearer dry.

Branding Options

Generally with polos you would want to use embroidery for branding. Due to the nature of the material screen printing is really not recommended although still possible. With embroidery you have a listing effect which will keep you logo around for years to come. You can embroider in a number of different positions including the front, sleeves and collar. These are the most popular positions for embroidery.

For great promotional apparel no matter the situation, our Polo range is a great choice.

For additional information or pricing contact us. Our friendly staff are always happy to help.

Polo Shirts