06 Sep, 2022

Absolutely Essential Conference Products

Absolutely Essential Conference Products

Yet another great thing about the easing of the pandemic is the return of conferences. Sure Zoom meeting had their benefits but there is nothing better than getting back to face to face interactions. The other truth is that conferences are fun. It is not all about sitting around and listening to speeches. It is about a free flow of information and participation. That said if you are looking at running a conference here are some absolutely essential conference products to enhance your event.

Every Conference Needs Lanyards

Whether they are for identity purposes or for attendees to carry their passes then lanyards are an absolute must. Lanyards are used at events like conferences to attach to name cards, and many companies also use them for their staff to keep their ID’s in. In both circumstances it is a great branding options as it will let people to notice your company name or branding message.

Promotional lanyards are a low cost promotional tool and with so many practical uses. They are a popular item for everyone from event companies and organisers through to your marketing. At conferences they also offer the opportunity for cross branding. Sponsors will be clambering to get they logo on your conference lanyards.

Keep Attendees Hydrated With Printed Coffee Cups

One of the first things you notice when you are at a conference is how many people have a beverage in their hands. There are usually coffee stands abound which are a great way for people to gather and have a conversation. This is where printed coffee cups come into action. What a great way to reduce waste and at the same time give your attendees something great to take home.

Around 16 billion single-use cups are being used throughout the world. They are difficult to recyclable which causes unimaginable damage to the ecosystem. That’s why more sustainable options such as printed coffee cups will make an enormous difference. You should definitely consider them for your next event.

Use Promotion Pens To Keep Attendees Engaged

You can pretty much be sure that if someone is attending an event such as a conference that they will have to take note. These events are comprised of speeches and such with are designed to engage and educate. Promotional pens will be in good use and your member will be glad you gave them to them. Indeed promotional pens are still done of the most popular promotional products and you can have a conference with promotional products.

Not only are promotional pens essential for taking note people use them to exchange personal information. Conferences are after all about building personal relationships so you can be sure that people will use them to exchange phones number and email addresses etc. So if you are looking for absolutely essential conference products then promotional pens are it.

You Can’t Go Past Printed Totes Bags

That’s 100% right! If you are going to hold a conference then you can’t go past printed tote bags. Indeed so segment other than say trade show is in more need of tote bags. If you are handing out printed material and other things you want your attendees to take home with them then you definitely require printed tote bags.

The really great thing about them is that you know they will be taken home and used again and again. In this age of zero plastic waste (that’s the goal) reusable tote bags play a very important role. If you can get some of them out there, especially with your logo, then you are part of the solution.

Talk To Someone That Cares

The people at Brand Republic live and breathe conference products. They make up a large portion of our business so we know what we are doing. Give us a call before your next event and let us show you the Brand Republic experience.