17 Oct, 2022

7 Practical Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers

7 Practical Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers

Finding the Perfect Gift for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers spend an immeasurable  amount of time on the road so they need a wide range of products to make their life  more manageable. They need products that will make their drive more comfortable and safer. Luckily they are readily available and can all be custom branded with a logo. Here are 7 practical gift ideas for truck drivers.

Whatever you choose to purchase as a gift for your truck drivers, they are certain to appreciate the thought and effort that you put into it. Just make sure that you consider things which will enhance their work life whilst being constantly reminded of the value you place on their profession. Truck drivers after all make our lives so much better so let’s give something back.

1. Hoodie

Truck drives need to be comfortable and warm. They often leave their cabin to refuel of drop off good so it is important that they have the right apparel. Some custom hoodies are the perfect winter apparel. Whether they are screen printed with your logo or embroidered that will look great.

Something like a custom hoodie is a sort after product in the trucking industry. Truck drivers like to keep it casual so it is something they are certain to wear. Also they need something which is easy to maintain and doesn’t need to be fussed over so a custom branded hoodie is they way to go.

2. Branded Slipper

As we know truck drivers travel long distance to delivery their load. Imagine driving the Sydney – Melbourne route on a daily basis or across the Nullabor Plain, it would be very difficult and would require a stop. How better to unwind than with some branded slippers. Our Rochchester Waffle Slippers are the perfect pair to put on when you have retired for the day and just need to relax.

Generally you would embroider your logo onto branded slippers. Such a product requires a durable branding option and embroidery is the best one. With a custom embroidery the perceived value is enhanced so the recipient will be extra excited with the end product.

3. Promotional Sunglasses

This one is a no brainer. Spending hours on the road a truck driver needs something to protect their eyes. So a pair of promotional sunglasses is a great product which will be much appreciated. In fact they are likely to need some spares so if you want to give them more than one then that would be a great idea. Getting on and off the truck constantly on is bound to lose a pair here and there so a spare one in the glove compartment will come in handy.

4. Laundry Bags

A pet hate for anyone who travels often is having to take your dirty laundry every where you go. Unfortunately there is not a laundromat on every corner so you most likely have to wait until you get home or to a motel before you can wash your clothes. This is where printed laundry bags come in. When you have such a practical promotional product it is hard to pass it by. The best thing is that it is inexpensive and easy to brand with your logo.

5 Phone Holders

For truck drivers, keeping their eyes on the road is an essential part of doing their job safely and legally. That’s why phone holders are such a great addition to a trucker driver’s list of equipment. Quite a few drivers make use of their phones for E-logs, GPS, and other essential functions so, a sturdy phone mount made for the rigors of open road travel is a practical gift item.

So a phone holder is not only a practical gift but also one which contributes to a safe driving environment. The best thing is as a branded item it will be right in front of the driver all day long. So you logo will literally be imprinted on their brain. As a promotional product it ticks all the right boxes.

6. Custom Printed Neck pillows

Brand Republic is a supplier of custom printed pillows to the promotional market. They are a great promotional product for any occasion. With a branded neck pillow travel is always a pleasure. So you can only imagine how much truck drivers will appreciate this gift. They can be used in all sorts of situations and are sure to enhance the travelling experience.

7. Promotional pens

Promotional pens have long been a mainstay in businesses of all types, and they are one of the most well received promotional gifts. A good quality branded pen can go a long way in promoting your business to truck driver. A branded pen are used over and over especially for such tasks as writing logs and signing for deliveries.

Promotional pens are also a budget friendly item so they won’t break the bank. You call hand them out left, right and centre knowing that they will be in circulation for a long time to come. Also being a very practical item you know they will be much appreciated.

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So if you are looking at doing a promotional campaign targeting truck drivers or are simply looking at rewarding your own then contact Brand Republic. Our friendly staff will help you navigate all the products available to find the one that suit your needs.