27 Oct, 2021

7 Powerful Reasons Branded Products Are Crucial For Small Business

Branded Products For Small Business

As a small business sometimes budgets can be limited. For that reason people are reluctant to put money into their marketing. One thing you should remember is that successful companies use marketing to grow their businesses for a reason. It is because it works. The same can be said about branded products which are an excellent way to grow you brands recognition.  As a small business, one way to build our brand and increase awareness of our business is to purchase selected branded products.


Here are 7 powerful reasons why it is crucial for your business:


  1. Branding = Identity


A business’ brand is your identity, and this carries on to all the marketing collaterals such as calling cards, brochures, even uniforms and lanyards. As a business you want to convey who you are, and what you do well.  A brand is what connects the business to your customers emotionally.


  1. Raises the Status


Branded products contribute to the image that you want your business to project, and it raises the status for your customers. This drives maximum impact. Every little thing counts to raise customer experience. A tastefully made desk calendar given away to customers at the end of the year will elevate your brand profile and enhances traction for brand awareness.


  1. Build Brand Recognition


A June 2015 study by Nielsen, stated that sources for product awareness is shifting from paid media such as TV and magazine ads, and moving towards owned media, which branded products belong to.  Small businesses, especially, with minimal advertising budgets, can take full advantage of this.


Giving away freebies at an event with your target market in attendance is a cost-effective means to tap into a potential customer base.


  1. Top of Mind


Small businesses use multiple marketing strategies to become top of mind for its target market. Social media is particularly popular to engage with the customers, but offering branded products is one way to drive customers to your website or to call your business.


  1. Build Loyalty


According to an article on Medium.com, a carefully chosen set of branded products can transform your brand to “tangible items that your customers can touch, feel and experience. Giving them a taste of the brand that you created, and ties the experience of your brand to their everyday lives.”


For instance, a tote bag that can be used for shopping at the market or to carry various odds and ends is a good way to become part of their daily lives.


  1. Adds Value to Marketing Effort


This approach increases brand visibility and recognition at a minimal cost to you. Giving away a freebie such as a pen for answering a customer satisfaction survey is a cheap, yet, effective way to get your business out in the open.


  1. Creative Expression to Get Known


This is one way to show a bit of your brand’s personality that will endear you to your customers, and another way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.  Selecting the promotional products for your customers is easily a personal choice and, this is how you inject your brand’s personality.


Giving your customers practical, fun and memorable products will reinforce the experience they have with your business.  For instance, keychains are practical and used in everyday life, which is a good way to get your brand into a part of your customer’s daily life.


Parting Reminder


Having said this, when you decide on getting branded products to market your business, make sure that the products are relevant to your business and chosen with your target customers in mind. Keep in mind also the practicality of the product because it will mean that the customer will most likely use it often, and will likely remember your brand, motivating them to support your business even more.

If you are looking at using branded products to promote your business whether it is big or small give Brand Republic a call. We are always happy to help.

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