18 Aug, 2022

4 Must Have Promotional Products For Students

Promotional Products For Students

Promotional merchandise has always been an integral part of marketing at universities. If you have been to an “O Week” at a university or college you would have noticed lots of goodies on offer. It makes sense because student require a lot of services to complete their education so there is no better way to connect with them. Below we will discuss the 4 must have promotional products for students.

Finding the best promotional products to give to students and visitors on campus can be hard.  There are so many options which can make it confusing. We’ve come up with essential promotional products that you should be using when advertising your university or educational institution.

1. Tote Bags

There is are a lot of situations where promotional tote bags can be utilise in campus life. Student are always carrying around their text book and other educational material so it make sense to use a tote bag. Indeed lots of university library sell or give away tote bags to students, often with the institutions logo printed on it. Promotional tote bags are particularly helpful at the aforementioned “O Week” where lots of marketing material is being handed out.

The best think about giving student custom branded tote bags is you know they will use them. Again and again! They will need them for shopping and other tasks which require multiple items to be transported in their person. So it only makes sense to consider them going forward.

2. Webcam Cover

Students spend hours on their computers. Whereas in the past they would have spent most of their time conduction research in the library now they also have the internet at their disposal. With the benefits that it offers also comes the dangers. That is where webcam covers can help.

There have been many recorded cases of peoples webcams being hacked while in compromising situations. Your actions could become public if your webcam becomes hacked. To protect your privacy simply need to attach a webcam cover to your computer and activate it when it’s not in use to ensure you are not being watched.

3. Hats and Caps

Promotional caps are the most versatile choice of headwear to use for your corporate uniform or as a promotional product. A variety of business benefit from using branded caps to promote their goods and services to their customers. A custom-printed cap makes great gifts for employees and loyal customers, all the while creating free marketing for your products and services.

Handing out branded hats is a way to make your brand stand out from all other institutions. Students tend to be out and about so you know your brand will be seen. Also it is important to encourage sun safe behaviour especially amongst our youth.

Promotional caps, like most branded merchandise, are an inexpensive yet effective way to promote your brand. You can even bundle them in with other branded products such as promotional totes bags. The more the merrier I say!

4. Personalised USB sticks

For students and staff USB sticks are a great tool to store presentations, essays and important documents whilst in campus and beyond. USB sticks, also known as flash drives, come in all shapes and sizes with memory from 1GB to 64GB. So what ever your budget or target market you are sure to find something.

Offering personalised USB stick custom printed with your logo is a great idea. Lot’s of universities and schools already use them as they appreciate the value that they have. The practicality of the product makes them idea for branding. There are also numerous branding options available such as pad print, laser engrave and digital print.


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