18 Aug, 2022

4 Incredible Benefits of Using Promotional Mugs For Your Brand

4 Incredible Benefits of Using Promotional Mugs

Coffee mugs  are one of the most practical products one could find. They are in use in every household and office and can be used for any number of beverages other than coffee. The fact that they are so inexpensive would explain their popularity in the promotional industry. Coffee mugs are one of the most used products when it comes to promoting brands. The large variety of mugs and price points makes for a very versatile product. Here are some practical ways to use promotional mugs to promote your brand. Behold 4 incredible benefits of using promotional mugs for your brand.

Show your brands eco credentials

When people thing about promotional mugs often they only think about ceramic mugs. The reality is that there is more to them than that. As well as stainless steel mugs, which a durable option, you are re-usable coffee mugs. These mug are becoming increasingly popular as corporations try to align themselves with products with eco-credentials. The trend away from single use cup has been embraced by consumers with zeal. It is only natural that companies and organisations would jump on board. After all we all live on this planet together so why not combine brand promotion whilst encouraging responsible consumption.

Brand mugs of  better brand visibility


Sometimes making your brand visible can be difficult in a saturated market. That is why brand visibility is so imports. This is where branded mugs are useful as they are a highly visible product. The greatest thing is that there are a variety of print options available so you can accommodate almost any logo. A good quality and well placed logo print on a branded coffee mug will do wonders to you image.

Promotional coffee mugs are a great way to show case your brand. The print options available mean you can taylor the product to your making goals. Screen print and pad print options are great for solid colour logos up to 4 colours. The wrap around logo print option means you can go from end to end all around the mug. It even offers the option of full colour print. Similarly a sublimation print give you the chance to incorporate gradients and photos if necessary.

Using promotional mugs as a corporate gift


Good quality corporate gifts can be a great marketing tool for your business. Promotional mugs are popular for corporate giveaways, promotional events and trade shows. They are practical, versatile, and offer a high-perceived value. An array of options available from ceramic to re-usable, stainless steels and beyond. To enhance the gift a promotional coffee mug can come in a gift box which itself can be branded with your logo.

Your customers will appreciate receiving promotional mugs as a gift with their orders. Since they are used daily they make for the perfect gifts.

Custom branded coffee mugs are as affordable and effective

For businesses big and small the popularity of coffee cups has never wained. Indeed their popularity has not only endure but grown in recent years. Printing your brand name and logo on promotional mug is relatively inexpensive. This makes them a great way to promote your brand. You can receive the benefits of mobile advertising and word-of-mouth promotion at a reasonable investment.

Promotional mugs with short lead-time 

Whilst there are a lot of promotional products which come from off-shore with coffee mugs it is generally local. Seeing they are a bulky and somewhat fragile product it is not practical to air freight them. With large quantity orders with longer lead-times sea freight might be an option but it is most practical to have them custom printed here in Australia. The good thing about that is there is a lot of local stock available. So if you have a tight deadline you won’t have to wait too long to get your promotional mugs delivered.

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