13 Sep, 2022

4 Great Ideas For Outdoor Promotions

4 Great Ideas For Outdoor Promotions

The days are gradually getting warmer so before you know it spring will be upon us. This will give us more opportunity to spend more time out doors. It will also give marketers the chance to run more outdoor events. Running outdoor events is always fun and a great opportunity to promote ones brand or services. Here are 4 great ideas for outdoor promotions.

Be seen with promotional car sunshades

One of the most under-rated and under-utilised promotional products out there I would say are promotional car sunshades. They are such a great product because they are inexpensive and very visual. Promotional car sun shades offer a marketer a huge print area where you can print almost anything. That makes them a branding dream.

What I love about promotional sun shades most is they practicality. Whilst it is not a great issue during winter months the sun can really wreak havoc on a cars interior during summer. There is nothing worse than coming back to a really hot car after being away to a few minute. Indeed footage, released by motoring organisation the NRMA, shows the inside temperature of a car can climb by as much as 70 per cent in just minutes in the summer heat.

Enjoy your day in the sun with a custom esky

The esky is a quintessential Australian as are sausage rolls and meat pies. Although the word Esky is an Australian brand of portable coolers it is commonly used in the Australian vernacular as a reference to cooler boxes. The custom esky (or cooler box) can be custom branded with your logo making then great for outdoor promotions. Whether you’re looking for a promotional item or a gift with purchase branded cooler boxes are a popular item.

What’s more in the extreme heat conditions that we often experience in Australia a custom esky can be a life line. When they are stocked with cool drink and ice they serve to keep the users well hydrated and cool. That would probably explain why they are so well received as personalise gift.

Stay sun safe with straw hats

Again our harsh condition mean come summer you really want to protect yourself. All our styles of straw hats are breathable and provide great protection from the heat of the sun. Perfect for a day on the beach, a walk in the bush, a day out fishing on the lake.

Classic straw hats are perfect for any business in the outdoor leisure, sport and travel field. Popular and available in three classic styles, branded straw hats are the hottest thing going around every summer. They are great for any promotion and are widely embraced by marketers all over the country.

Personalised Merchandise to expand your brand

Personalised Merchandise is the bedrock of any marketing strategy. Thankfully there are heaps of options available for you to choose from. Brand Republic can help you achieve your objectives with an extensive range of quality product. When it comes to promotional products we are second to none. So give us a call to find out more.